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The legal system as horse-sh-t . . . laws are wild cards in the games of lawyers . .

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    by Appleton Schneider

    laws are wild cards in the games of lawyers
    and even the rules of the legal game are . . . judged!!

    A private-party used car (Mustang) sale. Buyer brought the car
    back to me battered and inoperable. I refused refund. Buyer sued.
    Small claims ruled against me. I appealed . . . and after almost 2
    years, the outcome of the case stirred me to write this short rant
    at the actual legal "cesstem" . . . including my imagined scenario
    of what might had happened in appeals had I represented myself!!
    Available as paperback and e-book.
    I think anyone working in, interested in, or who's been
    screwed by, the legal system should read this book. It
    probably won't help the system at all -- but it may be
    helpful in relieving a bit of rage (or, for the others guilt?)
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    The justice system definitely needs an overhaul.
    A man robbed a convenience store. The police arrived while he was still there. They told him to put down his gun and surrender. He took off running through a nearby field. The police gave chase and caught him. While in jail, at taxpayers expense he sued the police department for ruining his new shoes. And the incredibly stupid judge awarded him the case! He didn't have to rob the store. He didn't have to run. And the cops were required by law to give chase.
    A woman ordered a cup of 'hot' coffee from the drive-thru window at McDonald's. She removed the lid and placed the cup of hot coffee between her legs and left. She was going down the road and was checking her makeup in the mirror when she realized the traffic had stopped. She slammed on her brakes, causing the hot coffee to slosh onto her thighs burning them. She sued McDonald's for selling her a cup of hot coffee. The 'judge', in incredibly stupid man, awarded her the case. She ordered the 'hot' coffee. She took the lid off. She put the cup between her legs.
    She stepped on her brakes because of distraction. But she won! Where is the sense in that?