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CISPA, the latest 'cybersecurity' bill that needs to be blocked!

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    This is taken straight from Wikipedia to sum up in essence what CIPSA is (on the surface at least):

    The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is a proposed law in the United States which would allow for the sharing of Internet traffic information between the U.S. government and certain technology and manufacturing companies. The stated aim of the bill is to help the U.S government investigate cyber threats and ensure the security of networks against cyber attack.

    This is another bill in a similar ball park of conversation of SOPA and PIPA. However, to my understanding, it is quite different. Where the other two where a way and means to police the internet and to have the ridiculous over-reach of power to actually block sites and content indefinitely in the name of 'cybersecurity', CISPA is more along the lines of extending (in my mind at least) the government's powers given with 'The Patriot Act'.

    If passed, CISPA will basically allow for the NSA (National Security Association, a government branch of intelligence) to be able to access any personal information they want to, again in the name of 'cybersecurity'. They would have free reign to access your emails, doctor records, social media content... anything and everything, without any need for getting permission. This bill would give them free reign over any info on the web, effectively ending privacy on the web for good! At least, that is how the bill is being advertised.. please correct me if and where I am wrong or misleading.

    This forum is as much an effort on my part to educate as it is for people to educate me past what little I know about this act. I do know though that this bill has been around since mid 2012 and didn't go through then. It has since been revised and they are in the works right now to try and push it through again.

    There is actually a growing community of 30,000+ websites that are on high alert over this issue and are pledging to make it known any time any movement happens with Congress on this issue. There is also a petition that has exceeded the 100,000 need signatures right now, making this an issue Obama has to respond to, and hopefully VETO.

    What are your thoughts on CISPA? Are there any benefits to this bill? Maybe we can reword it to allow for some effectiveness without giving the government free reign and issuing an effective death warrant to the private citizen sphere that the WWW should remain?? Ya think? .. I do not.