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Jimmy Fallon Taking Over "The Tonight Show?"

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    Rumors have been floating around recently that NBC has been building Jimmy Fallon a brand new studio in Rockefeller Center and are preparing to move him into the coveted 11:30 slot alongside David Lettermen and newcomer Jimmy Kimmel. Mr. Fallon has seen his popularity skyrocket with his unique way of hosting "Late Night" on NBC. He raised eyebrows right off the bat when it was announced that "The Roots" were going to be his house band and that was just the beginning. The skits that he does have a genuine feel to them and definitely cater to the younger audience that NBC desperately needs back.

    Although nothing has been announced yet, it is a foregone conclusion that NBC has been preparing Mr. Fallon to take over the reigns from Jay Leno, who has seen his popularity steadily decline throughout the years. Mr. Fallon has a far different style than Mr. Leno and it seems like NBC is going to place their bets on their up and comer and let Mr. Leno drift off into retirement.

    My only hope is that NBC handles this better than they did Conan's shot at the show. Conan struggled because he felt he had to change his style to appeal to a new audience, which ended up alienating lifetime fans of his late show and didn't attract many new ones. Hopefully NBC will continue to let Mr. Fallon be himself no matter what time slot he's in. If they allow him to run his show the way he always has, I'm sure his transition into "The Tonight Show" will be successful. Thoughts on Mr. Fallon's likely move and if he will be able to keep his show how he wants to keep it?