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The Senate's Budget Vote-a-rama

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    The Senate is holding a "Vote-a-rama" today on their proposed budget for fiscal year 2013. The fact that they will be debating incredibly important budgetary issues for a minute or two each just goes to show that the system in Washington is absolutely broken. A vast majority of the amendments aren't even available on the Senate website, so our US Senators are voting on things that they have never heard of or read before.

    I do have to lament how frustrated I am to see the world's greatest legislative body devolve into what it has become today. When our Senator's are debating complex issues for one or two minutes and then voting on them just goes to show how the system is rigged. What else can explain the utter dysfunction of the legislative process other than the powers that be WANT it that way? What ever happened to a government by the people and for the people? I'm sure that the vast majority of American's would rather see "Head Start" funding increased and corporate tax holes closed, but what our Representatives give us is "Head Start" cuts and more proposed give away's to corporations. I'm beginning to wonder if things will ever change!
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    I think that the whole "vote-a-rama" scenario was engineered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from the outset. Mr. Reid has managed to prevent the Senate from voting on a budget since the post-Stimulus budget of 2009 which locked in the inflated spending of the stimulus program. Since then, the issue has been whether to roll back spending to pre-stimulus levels, or to continue increasing spending from the artificially high levels set by the stimulus. That issue has been artfully dodged for the past four years with a series of continuing resolutions.
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    Harry Reid has prevented the Senate form voting on numerous budget bills, NOT because most of these bills were bad in themselves, but because most, if not all, of these bills had Republican-attached riders that were totally against President Obama's objectives. These riders are all due to Mr. Boehner's sad group in the House.
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    The real reason the govt wants to cut head start at the same time when higher education is becoming unaffordable to most citizens is because if the they can keep the poor poor and under educated the better it is to keep control of gov't in the hands of the SUPER WEALTHY and continue to become richer on the backs of those who do the HARD WORK in this country. They wouldn't know HARD WORK if they triped on it. They live on their own CLOUD IN THE SKY and don't know and don't care about anyone else. They have forgotten that they are supposed to work for THE ENTIRE COUNTRY not just their buddies and their bank accounts.