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Largest Art theft ever

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    There was an art theft valued at around 500 million dollars. It involved works by top artists. It was in Boston around 1990. This story explains how officials have found the suspects after all of these years.
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    Very interesting Tony, and now that they "know" who did it, the statute of limitations has elapsed, so they go scott free.
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    Did they ever release the names of those who did it? Sometimes in cases like this, a very wealthy "collector" will hire some men to steal the Art Work for them, and then keeps it in his "castle" or "mansion" so he can secretly admire it every day. IF this is the case, WHO should be charged with the crime? The wealthy guy who instigated the robbery? Or the guys who actually pulled it off?

    After the statute of limitations has expired, the robbers may not be liable for the crime? Is this possible?
    Well, gee, they are only worth a few $$ million dollars. What the heck. Maybe we could bail out a few
    corporations, or start a minor war, or even Rescue Social Security with that much money (?)

    I bet the sales of black masks will drastically increase.
    I wonder what ever happened to mine of the Lone Ranger (?)