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A Taoist Prayer

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    Julian, CA
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    Oh! Great Goddess and Great Spirit for they are all a part of CHI, thank you for guiding me thus far of my life's journey.
    Guide me this day spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically that I may be in tune with thee and learn the lessons thou has to teach me that I may know the interconnection of all things in thy seamless web of life where everything belongs and nothing is lost and becoming, transformation, regeneration, mutation, evolution and change are the way of all things.
    Oh! Great Goddess and Great Spirit for they are all a part of CHI, let me always be aware that the web that connects each to me weaves its tapestry throughout my being uniting me with all for separateness is an illusion for all are one. And let me always rest content in the arms of the unfolding universe and always be aware that we are all prisoners of preconditioning and only through self discipline, meditation and self cultivation can we break free of those prisons so we may find our spiritual path and grow in enlightenment and spirituality.
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    Today was the first time I have read your personal profile. I have read your "poem" for today, and it was very impressive. I like the mystical aspect of poetry, and when combined with prayer, it is very inspirational. Inspirational on a different level than most prayers are.

    Since you are trying to run for office as a Democrat, I wish you the very best of success. We need a different type of religion to guide us, as the older ones have been corrupted by the right-wing claiming to be so "Christian" while they distort all the main scriptures. People have gone so far astray due to disillusionment, not knowing who to believe. God is a spirit, & has been described in many ways through the centuries, but the way you have described God is so enlightening. Uplifting. It is a breath of fresh air. I will copy your words & intend to read them often.

    In your idea of the obstacles in our govt, from being the perfect democracy it was meant to be, I agree with much of what you have said. We have gotten off track in the last 50 years, but mostly due to internal sabotage & deliberate manipulation. I guess you would call it a form of treason, when groups of powerful people use their money to create propaganda & 'front groups' to deceive us, and to control our votes.

    AGAIN, I wish you great success. Please keep us posted on your campaign, & how it is going.
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    Durham, NH
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    Good luck Connie the country needs more like you!
  • Whittier, CT
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    The Taoist Worship Rituals practiced during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival is generally the same kind performed during the ordinary occasions.

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