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ALMIGHTY GORD OF ANTITHESIS . . . . a book to read to prepare for . . . . .

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    ALMIGHTY GORD OF ANTITHESIS (my inspiration has been, so drastically, my observations of what man hath wrought to rot.
    Swift's "A Modest Proposal" was part of my mind's menu . . . but it was only after I wrote Gord that I read Sykes' "Adam's

    Warning to be read before reading this book . . . .

    Almighty Gord of Antithesis may be satire. Or not. So much is based on what the history of man shows us--the beauty but the brutality . . .the creativity yet carnage, chaos. There are many instances and images which might be offensive or even traumatic for some. And, too, in this book, too, there is cruelty combined with eroticism. The tenets of the “Creed of Antithesis“ determine all life, even thought, in the ruin city: the enactments, the enforcements, the fastenings, the cannibalistic feastings. For a man-eat-man menu ( food for thought is not an edible . . . but those captured by the Hunters are, and comprise “the herd“ . . . to feed or to breed . . . ) is the only sustenance that remains on the desecrated earth.

    Almighty Gord of Antithesis presents the history of man’s existence as the death of the earth. In distant retrospect man “evolved” to depart from natural patterns of all other life forms. Gord’s host in the ruined fortress by the sea, old Marl, considers this span. And in much greater length he examines the antithesis of modernization, mechanization, globalization, and so much more which, through the short span of 1800 to 2200 AD saw the total collapse of society, civilization, even ecology, and part of the North American continent. (sequential Cascade Range eruptions . . .”tear-on-dotted-line” . . .and then super-subduction . . . .)

    Such quasi-documentary satire-of-extremes is a focus of this book’s intent. But it could also be that what I’ve written is not just future-horror-fiction . . . but prediction.