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Major Forums Moderation Update Coming Within 2 Months

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    Problems Encountered with Current Flagging Post System
    FYI. Some people have asked and have had some problems with the moderation and flagging system. We will do some more testing to make sure the current system works for everyone. When you click on flag link above a post it should pop open a window indicating that the post has been flagged. The window should look normal and be closable when done. If this is not the case and you are unable to do anything on the page after clicking it, please email and include which browser version you are using. Please note that around a couple weeks or so ago we had a bug where clicking the flag link locked up the page for everyone no matter which browser they used. That bug has since been fixed. Suggesting a rule broken is optional -- we'll make that more clear in the future.

    Future Moderation System (Hopefully coming within 2 months)
    We plan on having an update so that members can follow the entire moderation process. It will include a notification system similar to Facebook or Linkedin where a number will appear over an icon every time there is a moderation related notification. This is also where you will click for the Moderation Menu which will include all links related to moderating content where you can see all posts you have flagged, banned accounts, accounts under review, view action taken (or not taken) by moderators, etc.....

    You will be able to specifically customize which moderation related updates you can get notifications on or opt for simpler recommended settings such as All, Most, Some, None. This will be similar to Facebook\Linkedin notifications.

    Here are some possible scenarios where you could choose to receive notifications on:
    -Anytime any post is flagged by anyone
    -Anytime any post is flagged by anyone with a high reputation score (i.e. not brand new members)
    -Anytime any post is flagged more than X num of times
    -Anytime any post is flagged by a moderator
    -Anytime any post is removed by a moderator
    -Anytime one of your posts is flagged
    -Anytime one of your posts is flagged more than x num of times
    -Anytime one of your posts is flagged by a moderator
    -Anytime one of your posts is removed
    -Everytime a moderator has confirmed you have broken a rule (this could be a gentle reminder\suggestion to a warning or something more)
    -Anytime a post you have flagged has been removed (or not removed) by a moderator
    -Anytime a member account is flagged
    -Anytime a member account is permanently banned
    -Anytime a member account is temporarily banned
    -Anytime a member account that was temporarily banned is reinstated
    -Anytime a member account that was temporarily banned in which you flagged one or more of the posts is reinstated
    -Anytime a friend or subscribed to account is permanently or temporarily banned

    In the future there will be a more involved process where members can vote on whether certain rules were broken and how severely those rules were broken.

    Our current idea is that action taken would be determined by which rule was broken, how severely that rule was determined to be broken by members and the seniority\reputation of the poster. This way, members only get to vote on how severely a rule was broken and a formula will determine whether the person gets a gentle reminder, warning, short-term ban, longer-term ban or permanent ban. We hope this implementation will help make the process less subjective & more fair.

    We also may implement an "apology" option where we will respectfully give an option for a member to privately or publicly apologize, recant or admit to some fault to reduce or completely remove a more severe type of action taken against an account. As everyone has a bad day now and then.

    Thank you everyone for your patience.


    ps: we will have a similar notification system for the forums and other content on the website as well.

    pss: sorry for the long & detailed explanation here. We intend for this new feature to foremost be easy to use when it is ready and will continue to update\improve it to ensure that it is after initially released. :)
  • Liberal Democrat
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    One of the benefits of this new moderation system is that it will reduce the time that moderation related issues are handled. So hopefully right-wingers will get banned much more quickly and newer members whose posts are in a "grey area" of breaking rules will get warnings or gentle reminders of the forum rules.