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Steve King R-Iowa, CPAC speaker on Vietnam War

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    I am always up for a new caffine rush,sign me on!
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    Enhance that coffee to high octane blending. I mentioned previously the "Trilateral Commission", so, I google searched that. Low and behold this group now has their own web site, I was correct in the era that I remembered as to a hot topic of discussion. The search revealed alot of commentary.

    History is indicated as this commission was started by David Rockfeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1973 at Koyota, Japan. There are several references of this commission that call this the "New World Order".

    Anyway, strong coffee will only make this Trilateral Commission hypersensitive in charging brain activity. Be careful, may become a habit and dangerous to more important views on social reform. If this group has been operating this long and has their own web site for the world to inquire on, they are well on their way making us all puppets to their agenda. Ugh, the string on my arm is forcing me to hit the send key.
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    TJ Wrote: Number 1 is the fact that it's costing us billions or trillions. The American public should say this is enough. There should be public protest. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any consensus about what's right or wrong. And maybe in this busy multi tasking time, there's no coordinated mentality about fighting what's wrong. Sad.
    The thing I wonder about is why was there so much worldwide protest against the Vietnam war; while on the "new" wars there was hardly any?
    Only 10 years later minds about it changed a bit but not enthouastically; however the aftermath is still very real with all the mental cases and invalid's, who are still proud of their "service" ; I'm so amazed that a revenge for 9/11 took place on a country who had nothing at all anything to do with it and cost over 4000 of our military life's (close to double of 9/11) and over 200 thousand invalids etc. Let alone the cost; where we are now bankrupt of. Where is the protest?
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    Politicians are so adept at not only selling the lie but are able to continue to perpetuate that lie as a truth, as the sheep bleat YEAaa.
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    Most of the people/families I had named do not appear to be associated with the "Trilateral Commission". Doing searches it is like they don't exist anymore. I guess when you have that much you can easily maintain a low profile. I am having a vision of a trip to Hever Castle in Kent, UK. The Astor's had purchased it and had an addition the size of a village built onto the back. Not a bad weekend home. I'm sure these people are still around and still extremely wealthy.

    I have the feeling that with the changes that took place with Capitalism and Society in general, they just decided to become passive.

    Rockefeller is the only person listed as being the founder and/or member from the Dyanisty era