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Steve King R-Iowa, CPAC speaker on Vietnam War

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    It always hurts when someone blames our Country, Government and the US Military for "loosing" the war in Vietnam. It infuriates me when that kind of discussion comes from an individual who NEVER served in our Armed Forces, NEVER was placed in harms-way, and NEVER prohibits the continued display of Republican lies that contaminate historical truth.

    I saw a report on Steve King speaking at CPAC and decided to see who this person is in our political system. Wikipedia has the following:

    "The son of Emmett King, a state police dispatcher, and Mildred King, a homemaker, King graduated in 1967 from Denison Community High School.[1] He attended Northwest Missouri State University from 1967 to 1970,[2] taking courses toward becoming a wildlife officer.[1] In 1975, he founded King Construction, an earth moving company. King founded the Kiron Business Association in the 1980s. His involvement with the Iowa Land Improvement Contractors' Association led to regional and national offices in that organization and a growing interest in public policy.[1]"

    So while our brave military was fighting and dying for a undeserved war, Mr. King was enjoying a safe collegiate life. He apparently did not even serve in the military even after the war. So how does an idiot of the political system learn how to say we (the American people) lost a war. Try saying that face to face with a Vietnam Veteran. Better make sure he/she has not been drinking because you might get a clinched five finger massage to the face. Might even get one without the veteran having a beer. Although history may paint a picture of our letting this war go, in truth, Vietnam Veterans need to know we walked away with our heads held high and the enemy thanking their Gods for the relief. We could have continued to overwhelm the North and even discussed the nuclear advantage, but congressional pansies who never serve in armed conflicts wanted us out of the war. These are the similar pansies who grow up playing with toy soldiers and wanting to please "daddie" getting America into us in a conflict with IRAQ over WMD's. Oh! no WMD's found? We did get the IRAQ President eventually hiding in a hole in the ground. George can tell his "daddie", I got him for you and Cheney is smiling with his pockets lined with gold from Haliburton. Yes, thousands died from congressional pansies dealing a war. Thousands died from congressional pansies dealing out a Vietnam War that was not going to give us dividends.

    Bottom line: Congressional people like Steve King need to keep their mouths shut speaking about things they know nothing about. Their comments ridicule a large group of brave men and women who serve our country with distinction, honor and bravery.
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    Good post amcmurray, I am originally from Iowa and luckily I left before this stroke began his political savagery. He is and has always been uncouth, non-respective, and just plain inconsiderate in his dealings with Americans who might choose to opine otherwise than he does.
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    Steve King is a sleaze, but that has nothing to do with Viet Nam.

    We had NO business ever entering the war much less a chance of winning it. It was purely a poor political decision that had nothing to do with making the "world" safer. You are obvious a veteran of Vietnam, but that doesn't make you or anyone else who fought there a hero. The true heroes of Viet Nam are the war resistors & Jane Fonda who saw the war for what it was and fought to end it ASAP!

    Blindly going off to fight an immoral, illegal war doesn't make one a hero or a patriot it only shows a persons true weakness and nativity about life. True patriots and heroes fight against immoral, self-serving actions whether they are committed by individuals or the state.

    We lost the war because we were on the wrong side, plain and simple. We could have won the war by wiping Viet Nam off the map and we did do a pretty good job of destroying the country, not to mention the atrocities that our so called"heroes & patriots" committed against the Viet Nam people, in general.

    Anyone who fought in Viet Nam and not against the war in Viet Nam should hang their heads in shame!

    Of course the military is devoted to false heroism and causes and does its best to give the vets who fought there something to be proud of in spite of the true nature of their service. that is to be expected. That doesn't mean we have to glorify their actions and to this day many Americans are deeply ashamed of what happened in Viet Nam and all the other needless, unnecessary wars we have been involved in since.

    Sorry to bust your bubble, but the truth hurts sometimes!
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    I am also a Veteran of America's war that we supposedly lost, I have only been to the wall in DC once, I saw the names of the men I served with also I reconignized men I knew but didn't have the honor of serving with, I became so distressed and depressed that I returned to counseling,I don't know this man steve king, small case letters intended because he is a small man, but had he read the history of that war and read Gen Giap book on it,he would have found out that the North was going to surrender after the first Tet, because of the tremendous loss of manpower and equipment to the American's superior fighting capabilty, but it was brought to the Generals attention that because of the political unrest in this country and the constant musing that the war was ending by the Military's higher and highers prompted by the politicians, that it would be in his best interest to not throw in the towel and just wait. It appears that the General's advisiors were better informed about our political system then the average American citizen was.
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    We never got a good reason for why we were even fighting. Neither did the French before us. We both supported a corrupt incompotent regime in the south. Why? No real good answer was ever given. It was the politians war, it was never the peoples war.
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    To PGR:

    I am sorry that you feel that way about our Veterans, I was told not to wear my uniform home upon my separation from active duty because of abuse's that other returning Vets suffered, I did not wear mine home for I was really tired of fighting and conflict and all I wanted to do was see my family, have a few beers and of course get laid, once people in bars realized that I was a veteran returning home from that war, a conversation always to ensue,to begin they seemed to think that I knew of all the reasons way I was there and if I didn't then I was some kind of an idiot or a war monger, what usually followed was me getting into a free for all and being flagged from the bar, it never dawned on these people I lost some very cherished friends and more than that ,true comrades, and I resented being labled like that, to this day I don't drink in bars as often as I once did, and much like this man steve king, who for some reason considers himself a type of expert on that war policy a man who has never seen someone intent on killing him as much as I wanted to kill them, never beenin a 10 minute fire fight that lasted for what seemed like hours,especially when you knew you were outmanned ,and you prayed for the Cobra's or any gun ship in the area for that matter,to either save your ass or get you out of there, so for this man to claim that something was lost because of the military just shows me a person attempting to pander to a crowd to push his own agenda. Very few people like war and what war brings, but always remember that those soldiers answered their countries call and went to fight a war that the politicians felt was just, you can hate the war but why hate the veterans, why not hate the failure of the politicians who would'nt admitt to a mistake and let the Generals fight the wars, and leave the peacemaking to the politicians.
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    GemsWoven Wrote: We never got a good reason for why we were even fighting. Neither did the French before us. We both supported a corrupt incompotent regime in the south. Why? No real good answer was ever given. It was the politians war, it was never the peoples war.
    I thought the "reason" we were in war there was to stop the north from becoming communists, which was a big concern during the cold war.

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    Yea, I was told that too, but when you are ass deep in a aligator infested swamp, you might forget that your intention was to drain the swamp.
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    A good place to start
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    The north was communist. Those in the south thought it couldn't be any worse than what they currently had. So the U.S. tried a "Hearts and Minds" approach. That bombed out. We lost 56,000 young men. And look where is Viet Nam is now. Would they be a better shape if we had won the "war"? Doubtful.
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    You or I can retrieve any article or book that will enhance our own particular point of view,however having been there ,(Viet Nam) I can attest to the fact that I nor any of my fellow soldiers engaged in torture, did we kill anything that moved,yes ,there were times that it was an us against them mentaility, but the disadvantage to do otherwise would be that I would not be able to make comments on your postings, death has a way of screwing up life.
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    I'm confused by the original poster's comments. Do you mean that anyone that isn't or hasn't been in the military isn't allowed to give their opinion either for or against the wars America involves itself in? Or are you simply just annoyed and outraged by Mr. King and his comments? If its the latter, I agree man. He opens his mouth waayyyy too much for my taste as well.

    If it's the former though, first let me say that I am in my mid-twenties and don't pretend to know what happens in ANY war, outside of my due diligence in research. And, I have never served in any military platform. So, maybe you stop reading here. I can understand that. If not, I'll just say that the American public, as a collective citizenry, fund any and all warfare that's officially conducted by the U.S. military. We have a right to make loud and clear our opinions of the warfare we are in, or have been in in the past. In fact, not just the right, but the obligation; the nation, the military leaders and the world have a right and need to know the pulse of the nation and just where their moral, ethical, etc compass points to on this issue. After that, its up to the government to enlighten us as much as possible so that we spew as little misinformation as possible. And, beyond that, its up to our media outlets to feel in the gaps, so that are arguments are built on as little fundamental ignorance as possible, out of respect. Because, and I will make this my last point, regardless of politics, veterans deserve the benefit of every doubt when engaged in warfare, and especially when they return and become veterans. If there is proof of misconduct, we have sufficient means of dealing with those people. Otherwise, that particular vet that runs into that loud talking Rep. King has every right and my FULL support to beat him down. That's the great thing about rights; they go both ways. .... My disagreement/confusion with your posting is with your comments about your anger to someone voicing their opinion about wars without military history, as if its not valid. Not about King; that guy annoys me as well. Hope I haven't offended. I would like to know though, do you agree with me, or no?
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    I responded to steve kings comments only because he (steve king) labled the military as losing the war,when in fact it was the manner in which the war was waged/conducted,it was by political whim and also by not seeking any military goals enhaced the local population to engage in gurrila tactics,so yes ,he did speak out of turn by referancing the ending of the conflict without attaining any goals, other than a lot people killed, on the fault of the military.
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    I never had to go to the VietNam war because I had a fatherhood deferment. Otherwise I would have been there for sure. A lot of my classmates went, and it was 8 or 9 fewer that came home. As a non-participant, my opinions are just that, MY opinions. Regardless of wether or not one might agree that this war was justified, or if it was worth it, those are after-the-fact opinions. An 18 year old very likely is NOT developed enough, at least mentally, to comb through all the facts and make an intelligent decision to become an objector, at least not before he might be drafted and asked to report. Therefore, I cannot fault any draftee that went into this conflict thinking that they were indeed following the wishes of our Commander in Chief, and should righteously obey all orders. I view each and every one of those that came home as heroes, exactly the same as I do for Iraq War Veterans. Which war should not make any difference. These men and women put their lives on the line so we could lead our normal lives. Again, my opinion, but we owe them big time for this.
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    tsk tsk....a famous quote "War is Hell", said decades before the Vietnam War and shows the typical characteristic of forces that plague those in combat. I find Steve King R-Iowa, even in his right to speak to Americans, a Disillusioned, Disgusting Trickster (DDT) of humanity. Yes, I agree Vietnam was an awful war to spend one's service to their country, but we did. We did it with honor, integrity and a notion that freedom best served is with the blood, sweat and grit of the fight. Peaceful means is always a first goal in mind, but enemies often don't want peace, they want subjegation and inhuman tactics to rein in on a population. Vietnam wanted only to grow rice, raise their children and to be left alone. It was the communists from the North that plagued that country. We had politicians that saw this as against our values of a democracy and freedoms of humanity. We took arms against the invasion of Vietnam coming from the North. Many of my friends saw the horror and got caught up in evil ways of killing even those that were not part of the war in their country. That is why, "War is Hell".

    Personally, I had it extremely well during the war. I knew there was alot of protesting going on. My first experience was arriving at San Fran Internl ARPT and exiting through the terminal to catch a bus to Travis AFB. I was decked out in my classic Navy Whites, hat half-cocked and struting down the terminal. A young gorgeous girl approached me. She saids something I cannot remember cause I was captured by her great looks. She spit on my uniform. I kept walking and past all the orange robed Hari-Krishnas dancing and singing with their tamborines. Many years later, I retold the story occasionally, but not as much as when our country became engaged in IRAQ. Since that event occured with that little girl in the airport, I often thought, "If she had children and they went to war in IRAQ, became injured or worse, did she remember that day she spit on my uniform?'. I do not hold a grudge with people, but I do believe that what ever you have against a person that serves in the armed forces, be careful of what you say (PGH) about them because it can come back to you with ill feelings. Someone you cheerish in your family may be serving or will serve in the armed forces and I hope you treat them with respect and thank them for their service. I had many times seen the body bags arriving from the war intensity being place on the flight deck of my aircraft carrier. We were to take back to the nearest transport or port for off loading. In the South China sea it is not uncommon to see deck temperatures of 120degrees or more and those black body bags would puff up like marshmellows in an open fire. The only remedy was place them in our frozen meat/hamburger locker for their last trip back home. "War is Hell."

    To those that did serve and knew of the business and political dealings going on to prolonge the Vietnam War, remember Lyndon Johnson. Many knew of the reported Remington Arms dividends that the First Lady Bird Johnson had in her name. Although pressure mounted, thanks to the protesting, the war would have continued because the M16 and ammo was much profit for the Johnson's. This lesson can be paralled exactly for the Cheneys and the Bushes because companies invested in the IRAQ War, such as Haliburton were getting richer by the hour in the "Shock & Awe", a war that should not have started. Comparing North Vietnam to IRAQ is not fair. It was America against the communist invasion in Vietnam. In IRAQ, it was about Bush playing toy soldiers and Cheney getting growth for Haliburton. I only wish Congress and America would have let our military do it's job in Vietnam. Our country killed many of our friends in Vietnam by telling how we can and cannot fight for freedom. Ask a soldier how many times he/she had to take a hill. This is a common discussion among those who have fought in our wars. Congress and business gets in the way and allows our sons and daughters to get injured or killed. People like Steve King has no integrity to talk against military involvement. They are the loosers in America.