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Mark Zuckerberg's Plan For New Facebook News Feed

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    Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, wants to add an aggregate, personalized news feed to everyone's 'feed' or home page as it were that compliments their interests and/or geographic area, much like the way your page already follows friends' postings.

    Maybe I'm saying that a little too awkwardly. Basically, Facebook wants to add actual news feeds (politics, sports, gossip, etc) that you can follow, subscribe to, and personalize (I believe) alongside or along with the people's feeds that you are already following. But, the difference will be in the presentation. Zuckerberg just came out saying that he wants the news to actually look like a newspaper. (which I think is pretty cool.)

    SO, I guess, when you get on Facebook once this feature is ready, it will look very similar to a more classic style newspaper, personalized to a combination of news that revolves around either your personal and/or subscribed list of family and friends, your geographic locations and your previously approved and personalized lists of interests or 'liked' pages, such as 'Dallas Cowboys Football' or 'Celebrity Gossip', etc.

    This is very interesting to me. In one way, I think this will broaden people's scope of the world and what's going on with it just based on the simple fact there are many Facebook users that wouldn't otherwise subject themselves to certain news, but would be willing to be participate if Facebook implements it to their liking. And, in that way, this is a positive in the big scheme of hopefully having a more in tune and awake, educated, participatory society. That's the absolute most ideal thing that could come from this.

    On the other hand, this could lead to exactly the opposite. We could end up with even more short-sided, stereotypical, on-the-surface thinking people that are even further given permission to be superficial in the way the view... everything. I mean, Facebook dominates millions of people's lives, and more importantly, their attention.

    So, I think this is really interesting for Facebook. Could be pretty cool. I see some pros and cons instantly. But, I guess that's in a nutshell the pros and cons of social media itself. Kind of comes down to the classic saying, "with great power comes great responsibility".

    What does everyone here think of all this? Would you actually want people learning about politics solely from Facebook?