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Rodman is a problem

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    History has reported that Fonda was a problem to the United States after she prolonged the Vietnam War using the media. She was very close to being branded a traitor to the United States. Many Vietnam veterans will approve her as a traitor as she cost US military lives.

    It's not the right time to take the same characterization with Rodman in North Korea. However, he is treading cold waters and will drown in the media outcry, especially if North Korea uses Rodman to exercise their international criminal means to attack South Korea, Japan and the United States. It will be foolish on the part of North Korea, but does anybody think a 28 year old dictator cares about being a fool.

    Rodman must answer to the world courts if deaths occur as a reult of "his" foolish acts. I wouldn't be surprised if Rodman is assasinated in order for North Korea to claim that the United States killed him for his charming of boy dictator that loves basketball. Rodman walks on dangerous ground and I do not believe he has adequate knowledge and common sense. My departed Grandpa would always say about someone like Rodman, "He hasn't even got the brains that God gave a fence post.". It sure seems to stick. I hurt to think what his (Rodman) parents, if any, are questioning his actions.