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Republican gets health care, but Obama still sucks

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    Recently, my Republican friend got hired on at his job after being a temp for a long time, and he is getting insurance now too. Why? President Obama has changed the law that business took advantage of, to keep from having to pay for health care, by using temp workers. Had Romney gotten elected, my friend would still be a temp, yet he still thinks Obama sucks.

    Isn’t it crazy, how our media can convince a lot of our majority that President Obama and his ideas for health care are bad? Crazy is an understatement, it is insane for sure. Insane for us, but great for the system that keeps the majority divided and powerless.

    If the law to keep Hitler media out of America was still on the books, my friend wouldn't be an evolved non eyed blind sheep and the majority would not be divided like it has become today from Hitler media being legalized in America.