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a tragic loss

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    Hugo Chavez the Revolutionary President of Venezuela died on March 5th which is a tragic loss for his country and all of South America.
    To summarize Chavez's philosophy; Chavez told the Robber Barons of the World to "GO TO HELL!!!" and stay out of South America and in so doing he created prosperity for the peoples of South America.
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    While I sure do agree that this man did wonders for Venezuela, but it was posted on an earlier thread here that his estate was valued at $11 billion. Where do you think this money came from, if not some type of graft? A politician cannot amass that much wealth, even by remaining in power for years and years unless something fishy is going on. I give him credit for any and all good he accomplished, but I still wonder where all this money came from, and I think my wondering is a legitimate query.
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    Our propaganistic news media split itself in half trying to tell us what a disastrous dictator he was while at the same time revealing that he was beloved by tens of millions of poor folks. ...As to his personal wealth.....have you see the amount of money these political celebrities charge ...the Clintons for example, for a 45 minute speech ?