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    I'm still on the mailing list of Paul Gosar, my former Congressman, who would be classified as a "Tea Party" politician.

    Needless to say, we don't agree about many topics.

    His most recent newsletter expressed concerns about Sally Jewel, who is President Obama's nominee to replace Ken Salazar as the head
    of the Department of the Interior.

    A quick check of her bio revealed the fact that she is a Democrat, but she also was involved wit the oil and gas industry, and currently is the chief executive office of REI, the outdoor sports retail organization.

    Gosar's concerns appear to hinge on the fact that Ken Salazar announced Order No. 3310 (the "Wild Lands" order) outside REI's flagship store in Denver.

    Reading between the lines, it appears that the real objection he has is that timber, mining (including uranium), and gas and oil companies won't be free to rape and pillage lands to the extent that those activities are currently done on private land.

    Any comments about Ms. Jewel?
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    I believe that the President's nominations for any cabinet level post should be allowed after what is now known as vetting takes place , the purpose of vetting is to provide an insight into what the nominee feels or has intentions of doing within the scope of his or her job, vetting is not a means to disqualify anyone from taking the post but unless they are really radical and have even more radical ideas, then they should be allowed to assume the post, even Cabinet level officials have accountabilty.