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America's Favorite Astrophysicist

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    It's been quite a long time since America has had an astrophysicist that can relate to the average person and explain complex issues in layman terms. And if it weren't for Neil daGrasse Tyson, we might still be waiting for one. There's not many scientists out there that generate excitement when they are heading to "The Daily Show" for an interview with Jon Stewart, nor are there many that have over a million followers on Twitter. What Mr. Tyson has been exceptional at accomplishing is making science cool again. This can have an incalculable long term positive effect if he is able to continue to keep the excitement going.

    Mr. Tyson has been speaking loudly and consistently about our need to explore space to find earth like planets and to also find objects that might be on a collision course with our own earth. If no one was listening to him before the meteor that exploded over Russia recently, they are now. He's railed against the budget cuts to NASA and our countries lack of imagination for 21st Century space travel. He has this writer sold, but I can only hope that he will start convincing the powers that be how important of an issue this will be as we move forward as a society.
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    I am left in awe every week when I watch Cosmoa!!! Thank you Neil Degrasse Tyson!!!