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CNN's Jessica Yellin asks Obama an interesting question

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    CNN's newest White House correspondent asked President Obama an interesting question, albeit ridiculous when actually scrutinized, but still. She asked him during a press conference if he could just force congress to all stay there until the sequester fiasco could be sidelined.

    Of course, Obama came back with the correct answer, "I'm not a dictator." But, her question points to a glaring problem that we constantly have with government, mainly with congress. We need some kind of protocol to put the proverbial fire to congress' feet, especially in times of legislative crisis mode. And, I do think that avoiding the sequester would qualify as such.

    Okay. So, perhaps giving the president the ability to force congress to stay in at capital hill until work is actually accomplished is the wrong way to approach this. But, what do you think? How else could we force action with these guys??