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Conservative writers paid to spread Malaysian propaganda

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    Conservative pundit Joshua Trevino just filed papers saying that he was indeed on the Malaysian payroll. The accusations against him and his subcontractors in this scandal is that they were spreading slanted news against Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim, in hopes to usurp him in favor of a more democratic politician.

    Trevino was given at least $390,000 between May of 2008 and April 2011 to distribute columns on various news websites including the Huffington Post, San Francisco Examiner, The Washington Times, National Review and RedState. He subcontracted some of these funds and work to other conservative writers. There were in fact 10 writers on this payroll, all conservative ones.

    He had previously told Politico that he was not on this payroll. Now, he files all this saying that he was not aware at first that he had to disclose this info. His lawyer advised him to do so.

    I haven't ever really considered the possibility of a country like Malaysia having interest in spreading propaganda in American news. I mean, it makes sense now. Just never really put two and two together on news being bought and sold in exactly this kind of manner. Are there any other cases that anyone knows of with this same kind of controversy?