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Hugo Chavez dies

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    I just saw on the news that Hugo Chavez has died. This, of course, was not a surprise as he had been slow to recover from cancer surgery. He will be remembered fondly by the left and poor people in his country, but the right, often associated with rich "oligarchs" as he called them, will not mourn his death.

    Huffington Post: Hugo Chavez Dead: Venezuela's President Dies At 58
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    March 5, 2013: US Embassy Officials Expelled from Venezuela, Government Warns of “Conspiracy Plans”

    "Vice-president Nicolas Maduro today denounced destabilisation plans by the international and Venezuelan right wing, announcing the expulsion of two US officials for threatening military security. He also implied that Chavez’s cancer was “caused by enemies of Venezuela”.

    Maduro made the announcement today just after midday, following a meeting this morning with Venezuela's political military leadership.

    Maduro pronounced the expulsion of Air Attaché David Delmonaco, and assistant Air Attaché Devlin Costal of the US embassy in Caracas for being implicated in “conspiracy plans”.

    “They have 24 hours to pack their bags and leave,” Maduro said.

    If anyone thought that our relations with Venezuela would be better after Chavez's demise, they better think again.
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    I wonder if he'll be replaced with another crazy person. VP said the cancer was caused by enemies of Venezuela ????? Quick, someone send them a medical doctor to explain medical reality.
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    I wonder if Mr. Kennedy will still be able to supply Citgo oil to the poor here in the U.S. and I noticed that our President's praise of Chavez as a friend to the U.S.and a leader of his people didn't last long after the man's death,looks like we got the boot before the autopsy was done.
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    Regarding the cancer claim, the conspiracy theorists believe Chavez was poisoned by polonium-210, a radioactive substance that Palestinians believe was used to poison Yassar Arafat. Of course, having spent so much of his time in Cuba under the care of Cuban doctors, the polonium charge would have been easy to detect...and debunk. It's nonsense, yet it has caught on in the Venezuelan circle of believers. The Cubans should nip this one in the bud.
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    Chavez was the best friend to the poor of his country. He spent lots petro-dollars on them because he came from them and really wanted to help them, and also did it to stay in power. But he is to be commended for helping the poorest in his country.

    On the other hand Venezuela's economy is in shambles, has one of the worlds largest fiscal defecits, highest inflation rates, fastest growing debt, widespread food shortages. He promised to stamp out corruption but his allies, families, and friends have amassed enormous wealth through corrupt deals with the government.

    Another..."crazy person" replace him seems likely. About America giving him cancer, he was regularly telling his people that America was out to overthrow him, no proof ever provided, he did it to divert attention to his failed domestic policies. The next guy may be even crazier.