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Rodman & Fonda - Similar n Character?

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    For several decades since the Vietnam War, I have always remembered the hate and comments of traitor pointed to Ms Jane Fonda. I remember the picture that displayed her riding a antiaircraft battery that was used to shoot down US planes in North Vietnam's airspace. She was smiling and appeared to enjoy the publicity. I have since mellowed out in my older age and have given less judgement against Ms Fonda or Ms Turner I believe she is today. However, it does not allow many to forgive her actions that contributed to many war dead. I agree she may have atoned for her actions personally and many Americans have rewarded her for her good contributions to society. I do know that many Vietnam War Veterans will never forgive her for actions in visiting North Vietnam.

    Now presently we have Mr. Rodman, an excellent NBA basketball player who is retired from playing and visiting North Korea. I will always support the notion of open dialog with our outspoken enemies. Although Rodman appears genuine in open arms of a US citizen to the North Koreans, I think it is a little more in your face America. Mr. Rodman may be clueless to how North Korea has thousands in inhumane conditions or maybe he chooses not to show concern for humanity. Mr. Rodman does characterize a similar trait that Ms. Fonda proved to America in North Vietnam. Both have no business in going to a country who is at "WAR" with the United States. Nobody should consider North Korea a friendly nation and there are potential future attacks from this nation on our international friends South Korea and Japan. Recently, there are media reports about the missile advances from North Korea to hit US soil of Hawaii and maybe our west coast.

    Both Rodman and Fonda didn't care for their country, citizens or even family. Their visits were truly about them and a media production that gets them exposure in publicity. It's a strange character to have thinking only of yourself and not others. We all need to be responsible and accountable for our actions. To go off on your own without regard to any bad impact to others is sinister, cowardly and not being a quality part of society. Ms Fonda may regret today her actions in North Vietnam, but Mr. Rodman hasn't had the time to reflect. Mr. Rodman is enjoying everybody hating what he did. and syaing to himself, "in your face America". That's just his style.
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    Certainly Ms Fonda and Mr. Rodman both showed poor judgment in their actions. But behind each of them was a media campaign. Fonda was part of an organization called the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and later in 1972, she organized and funded the Indochina Peace Campaign. Her actions and statements at the time certainly were harmful to the United States, and she has since apologized calling her statements "thoughtless and careless." As you know there was considerable opposition and activism building in the United States against that war especially with the killing of the students at Kent State. History tells us that it was just another of many "wrong wars" where the military industrial complex was the winner and soldiers, their families and the many innocent Vietnamese were the victims.

    I wouldn't necessarily equate Dennis Rodman's actions with those of Jane Fonda. The circumstances are entirely different. However, in reading more about Rodman's visit, it appears he also was a figure in a planned media product...HBO and Vice Media. As the New York Times reported, HBO and Vice Media collaborated on the visit and were "seeking headlines."

    New York Times, March 3, 2013: Daredevil Media Outlet Behind Rodman’s Trip

    "The company’s bosses said they were planning a visit to the secretive country, centered on an exhibition basketball game with the flamboyant former N.B.A. star Dennis Rodman and three members of the Harlem Globetrotters. HBO decided to add what Mr. Lombardo said was “a little bit” of extra financing, beyond what it had already agreed to pay for the newsmagazine. “It felt like something that could be interesting for the show,” Mr. Lombardo, HBO’s president for programming, said last Friday as he recalled the meeting.

    By Friday, the trip wasn’t just “interesting,” it was international news. Kim Jong-un showed up for the exhibition game in Pyongyang the day before, making Mr. Rodman and Vice’s film crew the first Americans known to have met the North Korean ruler since he inherited power from his father in 2011."

    The Vice crew has remained in North Korea doing more filming after Rodman left. And I'm sure when the whole story is shown on HBO it will get a lot of press coverage...exactly as intended. Dennis Rodman is just another pawn in the game.

    However, if we are to be critical of Ms Fonda and Mr. Rodman, should not that criticism also be extended to Rush Limbaugh? As you know Rush Limbaugh's radio network is picked up by the Armed Forces Network. His daily broadcasts are a part of the daily lives of soldiers in Afghanistan (and previously Iraq). However, they are also heard by the Qaeda and the Taliban. Looking at the content of Limbaugh's hateful diatribes against President Obama as well as women (e.g. Sandra Fluke), I would have to wonder if he is not "giving comfort to the enemy." In a sense he is America's "Tokyo Rose" if you want to go back as far as World War II. I also wonder if Limbaugh's contempt for women (e.g. feminazis) has anything to do with the high incidents of rape of women soldiers within the US military.

    If Rush Limbaugh was a commentator on Fox News and started demonizing Rupert Murdoch the way he domonizes President Obama, would not he be fired? Yet, despite protests and petitions, Rush Limbaugh is still broadcasting his hate speech against our Commander-in-Chief to American soldiers serving in Afghanistan. The only difference is he does it from the sanctity of his studio instead of on the ground. That's what cowards do.

    Different strokes for different folks...
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    Reply to Schmidt, well written!

    I also think that Rodman is a pawn, however, he is still responsible for his poor actions and against the American people. In having Rush Limburger brought into the subject, he is the worst mouthpiece for the media. His lies, which he calls, "The Truth", is n othing more than triva to line his pockets with gold from the networks. He is a Judas with no regret for his actions. At least Judas cried when he realized what he had done. While serving in the military in Vietnam at the time of Ms. Fonda's trip, my fellow companions and I seemed perplexed over why someone would do such a thing as she had done. I feel similar to Mr. Rodman's visit to North Korea. Why? You answered the question well as what I imagined.

    I challenge the news media that set up Mr. Rodman's visit to tell the real story about North Korea. Show the numbers of imprisoned, inhumane treatments and the forced labor camps. Someday, the world will have solid evidence about the crimes of humanity North Korea has done just like what Nazi Germany, Slavic nations, Syria, and several African nations. North Korea will not escape it's future. Although, I would hope Rodman's sole may get the better of him becoming a painful memory of his actions.