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Abortion -Access and Knowledge

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  • Knoxville, TN
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    I think abortion has been around for a long time. I don’t think it will ever go away. As long as there are women and Satan in this world it will not end. America has been torn apart by the abortion issue. Instead of fighting each other we as Christians and Americans should stand together against Satan or evil. We are at a place where the novelty of abortion has worn off, and are now at more acceptable levels, if there is such a thing. Can the Pro-Lifers give a little and support birth control? I don’t mean paying for it, but in and of itself? Can Pro-Choice people understand that they are in a position where their civil rights will no longer be trampled if the abortion issue goes away? And can the states realize that government intervention is not the way to stop abortion? I’m for a new social movement that supports knowing abortion exists, that it will always exist. And just turn our backs on it, if that means one abortion clinic in each state fine. So be it. I’m for public knowledge of abortion being ban, in that it is forbidden knowledge and no one should be subject to that knowledge. I know our states have good intentions in trying to curb abortion. But along with the banning of clinics the knowledge should be ban also. Yes we can put Satan/evil in place limiting access and forbidding knowledge. One without the other is no good.
    I love America and its people and whole hearted support our way of life. But we are just going to have to realize we need both limited access and no public knowledge.