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Code of Ethical Conduct To Remember in Government and the Law

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    As a Paralegal I pledge myself to:
    Perpetually maintain the highest stard of person and professional conduct
    Accept my responsibility in every reasonable and proper manner with others in the Law and Government profession
    Refrain from the dissemination of any malicious information concerning Attorneys, Paralegals and Clients
    Always hold inviolate the confidential or fiduciary relationship between the client, attorney, and paralegal an any confidential information entrust to me through our association the Law
    Loyalty in the most complete sense to the profession and a conscientious pursuit of their objectives
    Exercise and insist on ethical business principles in the conduct of the affairs of my profession
    Guarantee that I will neither engage in, nor countenance, any exploitations of any employer, the profession or any client
    Always maintain legal and ethical judgment and behavior in the dealings with my peers
    Leadership in the utilization of every opportunity to improve the general publics understanding of the principle of the paralegal and its position in the legal profession
    Sincerely recognize and discharge my duties and responsibilities and those of my firm and to uphold all the statues, laws, and regulations relating to the legal profession
    This Code of Ethical Conduct for members of the Law has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards for paralegals and personal conduct amongs its members in the field of Law and Government It shall service to assure public confidence in the integrity and service of PaAll Government Officials are to upholding the law and ethics with the Paralegal in investigational, in Court proceedings as well as upholding the confidence of the Public, laws and regulations of the legal profession