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/existence . . . eh, it's not all so beatific as so-far suggested.

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    Yeah, Yeah, yeah . . . . .
    I know there’s that downside perspective to the human-being state.
    Such as . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . .those aspects of human dynamic (like man’s hateful, heinous, hellish, hideous, horrendous, horrific -- and worse -- atrocities committed against man and woman: the agonies of so many formats inflicted upon man by man) . . .such things should chill our self-assumption of “advanced” state. So much it seems mankind operates as a predator whose predation-programming has degenerated to a field of abstractions: religious, cultural, even sartorial or “hirsute” variances -- or nuance objects or aspects often seemingly projections of latent (or suppressed) characteristics or attributes of self. Think homophobic aggression and even misogynistic violence.
    That man tortures and kills unto genocide seems to suggest systems of predation awry and, too, territorialism gone berserk. . . . the instinct-circuits short-circuited or supercharged or just aberrantly processing neural energies in almost endless loops. For the range or realm no longer provides a resolution . . .and the kill no longer connects with the consumption-to survive. And the process (the invasion or conquest -- the capture and “carnivoration”) . . .persists and proliferates and combines with man’s creativity/perversity of technique and technology as “institutionalized”, (even “recreationalized”) cruelty. Torture.
    And further, man’s sexuality is distributed and diversified from a specifically estrus-induced sperm-production and provision role unto an orgiastic maceration of arousal-inducing agency (primarily a female morphological stimulante) during or following (or in place of) an actually sexual act . . . .sadism, torture, martyrdom, gynephagia, and worse!!
    “Carnal knowledge”, that elusive Biblical term denoting “sin” or some damnable state of dynamic “fallen from God” (do they mean de’evolved from the comprehensive bio-natural system of phylogeny??) . . . .carnal knowledge takes on a significance of scientific import when considered as a neurological circuitry processing sexuality with almost seizure activity, the synaptic “circuits” overloaded or degenerated or “cross-wired” from sheath-sheltered specificity of stimulus/response complexes. Conjoined with rage or retribution or predation or purely maniacal drive and diversity, the experiential (sensations) and reproductive impeti and climax to the male are dis-routed, distorted, until the actual protracted annihilation of the female (per se or even as image in a male) takes place.
    And man creates his God in his own image and he’s told thereby that he’s special, “chosen”, in the ways set forth above -- and also . . .how about the hundreds of millions of years of terrestrial carbon accretions (petroleum, coal, natural gas, rain forests, permafrost) suddenly, within a century, hardly more, converted into gaseous form and spewed into the atmosphere!!??

    A brief summation of what sucks, hey, hey, hey.
    The “dimensional diminution” implicit in man’s neurological dynamics (thus behavior) which, in essence, degenerates evolution’s inter-specie survival process to man’s “predation of abstractions and nuance” and, so often it seems, his own self-image projected therein (hallucinatorially or in pars pro toto).
    The “neuro-metastatic” disorder evident in the distortion and compulsion of territorialism awry . . . man’s pillage, world- conquest, ethnic cleansings and genocides.
    The sexual “mutation” of the human whereby eroticism exists independent of reproductive dynamics . . . . .and sexuality (even gender experience) involves conceptual brain functions to the extent that (especially for the male) the “idea’ of the other sex generates not only auto-derived arousal but also the potential for other-sex self-experience (as in transvestitism, impersonations, some types of homosexuality, etc.). And the diversification of ideationalized sexuality can range from erotic creativity of transcendent experience -- to perverse-to-vicious-unto- homicidal pathology (and worse).
    And there’s the paranoid projection onto the
    “heavens” whereby man not only excuses, not merely justifies, but truly beatifies, even sanctifies, whatever he commits and inflicts. Herein lies the “existential heresy” of (at least anthropomorphic) monotheism!!!

    There’s the “Noteworthy . . .” perspective of the human -- his potential of mind. And looking through history, it seems there’s the evolution of that “spiritual” dimension of our beings. Thus it may be that we advance towards a “oneness with god” (the identity of the existential analogue such as intelligence -- with the essence of totality) even though, throughout, there are the faults and failures and retrogressions. But ever the aspiration and ascension of the mind to assimilate the cosmic actuality of its conception.
    And there is the “vestigial” aspect too. For the human has departed from the animal dynamic of basic survival, yet the mechanics of our vehicles (the genetic-determined organism) still operate, still metabolize. It must be that given time and the fusion of others’ advance, their learning, their love . . . . . .the transgenetic precedence will persist and proliferate and provide all mankind with a higher state of being.
    Higher state of . . . . but then again, maybe not . . . .

    Because . . . .
    An existential perspective is conveyed by the so-called “Murphy’s Laws” which, if not actually reductionistic, present a simplistic and fragmented orientation to where it’s really at.
    To resolve the existential and metaphysical and philosophical discrepancy and lack, I herewith present the universal-set dimension in my “Schnurphy Laws” which I hope will comprehensively clarify reality and make life more of an upper by realization of the ultimate inescapability of existential self-defeat.

    I That which is of the utmost function and integrity in that componential failure is impossible due to the absence of any moving parts will break and thus become them.
    II That which is of penultimate monolithic essence in that componential failure is impossible and, as well, breakage cannot occur will dissolve.
    III That which is of ultimate existential stability in that it transcends even atomic componentiality will have dematerialized.
    IV That which supersedes all the above, being epistemologically prime in the Liebnitzian sense of “monadic” will be found to be a construct based on mal-assimilation of wavelength input by neurological processing, thus invalid due to logical error and
    warranting the evaluative term, “bullshit”.
    V Throughout the span of evolution , the preponderance of proliferate process proportionately reveals that the dynamic of “survival of the fittest” always achieves extinction thereof through the (gravitational in the scope of the cosmological) self-cancellation implicit as predation by the overall existential system.