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The Silent Republican attacks on Pres Obama and his presidency

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    I believe the Republicans were sure that Romney was going to win the election and when he didn't they were non-plussed. During Pres Obama's first term there were over 80 filabusters. I am sure the republicans thought that if they blocked his every move it would hurt his standing among the American people and his presidency. Now that Pres Obama won the election, the republicans are worse than ever. The fiscal cliff was "saved" at the last minute. Is that what will happen to the sequestration? Why can't the republicans work together with the democrats like they are suppose to do? Do they not understand that they are not hurting the President, but they are hurting us, the American People.
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    Today just shows how much the Repubs want to give the Pres all the blame. I wonder who was in the congress etc when we started borrowing money from China to fund all the "pork" added to bills in the years past, which of course cost money. This just proves a class war is on because the super rich can't possilby pay reasonable taxes (They would have to cancel the new yacht they ordered this year), while the "entitlement people" have to worry if they can still pay the mortgage when they lose their jobs because of the sequester. If they would really look at the medicare/medicaid fraud ( look at Fl. who got caught ) ,the governor of that state basically ran the hospitals but he came away without a scratch.

    The other problem is that the general public has a hard time know who is telling the truth. With Boehener, saying one thing, the dems another and the different new station reporting against which ever party they support.
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    Good post jeanne, I fully agree with your words, and we have certainly been discussing similar posts on here recently. Today's automatic sequestration spells out an even more bleak situation. Like the President said when he spoke after meeting with Congressional leaders (just before they left town), now let's see, they reported back from their previous 10 days of golf/sunshine/relaxation break and officially opened on Tuesday at 2 or 3 pm, and accomplished NOTHING in the maybe twenty hours (counting meal time) they actually put in this week, only to boldly announce that they were leaving again. And how much money do we pay these thieves? The American people deserve better that this. Why isn't there a protocol or procedure that the citizenry can follow or use to have, at least the leaders sanctioned and removed without pay, for NOT doing their jobs? Plus the fact that all during their terms, they enjoy the perks of free travel and all the other benefits at OUR expense. What about MY right to withhold my tax money from being used for these yokels' travel? In any other job, the salary payer has an immediate means of addressing such an abuse of power. Why are U.S. citizens hand-strapped for multiple years before they can take action, and that "action", if you can call it that, is merely to elect someone else to that specific position. Thus, the offender receives zero punishment or loss of wages and benefits, and merely has to find another position down the road.