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Branson Giving Away His Billions to Gates Foundation

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    Add Sir Richard Branson to the list of multi-billionaires that recently signed the "Giving Pledge" that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett started three years ago. Mr. Branson and his wife have pledged to give away at least half of their billions to philanthropic causes. When Mr. Branson signed the pledge, he stated: "As a young man, I never set out to make money. We set out to create things that we could be proud of and try to make a difference.” He also expressed that he didn't want his children to lack motivation to make a life for themselves outside of the burden of having a father that is worth billions.

    I've always looked at Mr. Branson with a sense of awe. From his various philanthropic causes around the world to his strong belief in a society that is fair for all, he always seems to be one step ahead of the world with regards to where it must go into the future. Thoughts on Sir Richard and his decision to give away his billions?