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More vigilant voters for a better America

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    Each voter in this nation should become more vigilant in grading performance of their elected representative. If you pay someone to perform a job, you would want them to excell satisfactorily in all categories. I see Congress performing more failure and less work ethics. For Congress to be rated less than cockroaches than I think it is past time for the American people to rise up and inform these free loaders that they are "FIRED".

    I search the web recently on "how congress voted". Many good sites came up:

    1. or
    Select more info on a roll call issue and you will see the entire voting record.

    You can select your zip code for information on your elected representatives. Don't need to be member


    4. or
    This is the Thomas record of Library of Congress. You can select rollcall votes, appropriation bills and public law and see how each member voted. This is for both Senate and House voting record. Some of the sites have a link that opens the information up for the public to see the specifics of voting record.

    There are several that do not vote. I am not privy to why someone does not vote, maybe he/she is sick that day or failed to arrive in time for a vote. If there is a continuing observance of no voting from a representative than that is cause to label the individual a free loader. We pay him/her to perform a duty, not continuing to not vote.

    If you study the reponses (YEA, NAY) you can see a character of these elected officials. Many don't think for themselves or their voters, they just act like little animals following each other with their noses stuck in each others butt.

    Recent actions can give you concern. First, VAWA (Violence Against Womens Act) was passed and that is good, however, notice the number of "Nays", which equaled 138 with NO Vote was 8. Who are these people representing? Second was with the Supreme Court on cancelling several class action lawsuits on those that violated regulations on securities. Although the Supreme Court voted 9-0, I beleive the American people has lost a tremedous protection from financial fraud. Their reason was the SEC has to find the violation within five years and if it happened beyond 5 years Grandma looses all your inheritance due to finanacial/security fraud.

    Americans are at war with those that desire evil agendas against our well being. Get new batteries in your flash lights, so you can put the light on those dirty cockroaches running around the dark places of Congress, Supreme Court and all of government (elected or appointed).
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    S.47 VAWA yea's 286, nay's 138

    Budget Control Act ( The Sequester do-do) yea's 228, nay's 191, NV 12

    Senate Bill to limit the damages of the Sequester yea's nay's 49 rejected due to needing 3/5 of votes

    These above important pieces of American impacts needed more Congressional discussion. I believe that they were so hung up on confirming appointments disrupting the cause for leading the Government that these important issues were not given their proper discussion. They made up their minds based on partisan politics rather than considering the destructive impact to the American people.

    A Congressional circus was seen on the confirmation of Hagel to Sec. of Defense. Weeks later Hagel was confirmed narrowly by the Senate (yeas 58, nay's 41).

    The following House and Senate calendars show the following issues coming within the next two weeks:

    1. Senate Farm Bill

    2. S.150/H.R. 437 Regulate Assault Weapon Ban

    3. Debt Limits Suspension (help reduce Sequester damage)

    4. Many different Dept. Budget & Oversight Hearings (

    Of course, there's the current Voting Rights Act by the Supreme Court. If our voting rights get altered, it will most be in favor of the GOP agenda.

    The next 10 years is going to be interesting. I hope and pray that many will stand on humane principles, ethical and moral values that helps humanity instead of making us subjects bringing back the Middle Ages.