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Netanyahu and Obama: An Uneasy Alliance

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    It has been remarkable watching the relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu unfold throughout these past four years and how they work with each other moving into the near future could have a tremendous impact on the geopolitical landscape for years to come. Mr. Netanyahu wants nothing more than a war with Iran and for America to fight it for him. The drum beats for war with Iran are growing louder and louder in the Israeli government and the NeoCons in America's government are growing more hawkish by the day, proclaiming that America has to support Israel in any decision she makes. How Mr. Obama handles this delicate situation could determine if America gets involved in yet another Middle Eastern war or if we can pull away from the brink.

    The relationship between Mr. Obama and Netanyahu has been tumultuous since Mr. Netanyahu was elected as Prime Minister back in 2009 and brushed aside President Obama's desire for peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The relationship hit it's low point when Mr. Netanyahu lectured President Obama during a press availability while he was meeting with Mr. Obama in the Oval Office. It also didn't help much that the Prime Minister was meddling in America's election after he basically endorsed his old friend Mitt Romney.

    After years of back and forth, it is a toss up if these two individuals will be able to work together or not. Will Mr. Netanyahu will be able to force America into yet another war, or will Mr. Obama be able to fight the headwinds? Thoughts on the relationship between Mr. Obama and Netanyahu and what it means for America, and the world, moving forward.