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Change how we look at things

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    I believe in ways of changing our economic status would include how we create and deliver electric power, how we think in economic terms, how we view manufacturing and how we believe what is fair and just, to name a few.

    It saddens me to think that we are no longer a society that believes in sharing, rather we hold our talents dear and close to our chest, so we have "value." Because we are programmed and brainwashed to think of the dollar as a measure of success, it's really not hard to understand why. Yet this causes a problem rather than be part of the solution.

    When many of us grew up, we all knew our neighbors. We didn't lock our doors and when help was needed to complete a big project around the house. People would come to pitch in.

    I remember our house needed painting. My dad wasn't a painter. Calls were made, food and beverage were bought and of course the paint. Friends came and brought their own ladders and brushes. By the weekend's end, the house was painted. We feasted that weekend, too. Do you have similar memories?

    We are tied to an electrical grid only because we haven't thought of a way to create it at the place it is needed. Until now. (please read my energy solution post)

    Imagine I take your electric and transportation costs and reduce it to a couple of hundred a year. Yeah, that's right, to $200 a year. What could you do with that extra money? The technology to do that has already been invented. What's stopping it? Only money and those that don't want you to know. And no, I am not a conspiracy theorist.

    If we could decentralize how we deliver electric power, we wouldn't have to worry if the "transformer" blew. Blackouts would be contained to smaller areas. The impact of such a catastrophe would be limited.

    Economist love to say how we differ from other countries by buying power. The heck with buying power. How about changing that way of thinking to, what's our savings power? In other parts of the world, success is not measured on how much one can consume. By the way, they are not less happy, believe me.

    What happened, when we sent our manufacturing over seas or next door? The easiest way to look at it is this. In manufacturing, you take a raw product and make it into something. By doing this, you've added value. That value, the margin between the market price and cost, is what we give away everyday to those that manufacture for us. That "value" is what we need to recapture for our own economy. Why do we give it to those over seas? It's really that simple. Ask the Chinese businessman, who's driving the nice car as he employs his entire family.

    People, life isn't fair. Yet that doesn't stop us from making a world that isn't so cruel. We are in this together, no one is more valuable than the other. We need to teach our youth values that include giving of one's time. Not for money, either. We need to teach them not to be someone's worker but rather someone's employer. We need to teach them how to create a job, not be lost in looking for one. We need to take off their blinders. We need to look at things differently.

    L. Yee