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America: A Nation of Wusses

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    Former Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell has spent the past couple of years traveling the country and explaining how American legislatures have become wusses that refuse to make the tough choices and take the risks necessary to progress as a nation. He insists, contrary to Republican dogma, that we need to make critical investments in infrastructure and uses the example of President Eisenhower in pushing for big projects:

    “There is no greater example of the wussification of America than the growing neglect of our nation’s infrastructure. Talk to a young man today, and he’ll marvel at the way his father’s and grandfathers’ generations knew how to make and fix things. That doesn’t just mean oil changes and water heaters; that goes for bridges and roads, too. When we were a young nation, we were imbued with that pioneer spirit—we would try to accomplish anything, no matter how daunting a challenge, if it was necessary to grow our country or expand our economy.”

    His words strike a chord with the trajectory that our nation is on. I only wish that more elected officials were willing to have a discussion about this. There is no better stimulus than investing in major infrastructure projects that not only would put hundreds of thousands of individuals back to work, it would have long lasting positive repercussions on our economy at large. Thoughts on Mr. Rendell and his solutions for moving America forward?