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Gay Relations are Not to be a Suggestion

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    You acknowledge that clarification of love are differ from the love of a man an woman, there are several ways to love with the respect of the one that you may spend your life with, so if you think that you are part being in a gay relationship you are not you are going against true upbringing of most in the world. an it is not exceptable to be in denial that you are not gay even if you tried it once or twice. the meaning of friendships is to respect that. an to convert to the livelihood of a man an woman relationship. to feel the comfort an respect an to love yourself enough to do that. you may not be able to afford much an want a man or woman to help with the bills an that is fine an the love is not to be nude together as you will find someone else to marry and keep the friendship that is helping you to pay the bills. does not mean anyone is short changed. means that the Peter Paul an Mary combination worked. an there is alot of prosperity an inspiration with the trio