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Rep. John Barrow Tries to Stop Gerrymandering!

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    Georgia Congressman John Barrow is proposing some no-nonsense legislation in his new bill 'HR 223', which is all about redistricting, gerrymandering. He is basically calling for taking the power out of the hands of party members (both on the left and right) to redistrict, and to give the power instead to a nonpartisan commission.

    I think this is a great, great, great idea. Nothing has annoyed me more as of late than to find out just how rigged the game of voting can get when parties get to gerrymander, to redraw voting districts, making voting more or less effective as they see fit. It's disgusting. It is one of the most corrupt practices are politicians do these days. And, they should have NEVER had the right in the first place. I hope this bill gains some kind of traction. Although I fear it will not. What are your thoughts on this?