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Conan to Headline White House Correspondents Dinner

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    It was reported that Conan O'Brien will be hosting this years annual White House Correspondents Dinner, his second crack at the big job. Conan previously hosted the dinner in 1995 and is at a far different point in his career than he was back then. Conan went through a career crisis when Jay Leno decided that he wanted his old spot back at "The Tonight Show" after handing over the keys to Conan just six months earlier. After taking a short break, Conan took his late night routine to TBS where he continues today.

    The White House Correspondents Dinner has been a staple in Washington, D.C. for decades, but has only become an annual occurrence since 1987. Perhaps the most remarkable one in recent memory is when Stephen Colbert hosted the event in his trademark character and ruffled more than a few feathers, President Bush included, with his performance. I can't say that I believe that Mr. O'Brien will push the boundaries anywhere near the lengths that Mr. Colbert did, but you never know what to expect when it comes to the White House Correspondents Dinner.
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    I liked it when President Obama roasted Donald Trump. Trump has never forgiven him for that humiliation. Perhaps someone will bring an orangutan to the dinner this year with a name tag entitled, "Orang Trump." Ha.