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Warren Mosler: on the need for government deficits and lower taxes on working people

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    From his speech at Columbia Law's Modern Money & Public Purpose series.

    If Democrats would listen to MMT, the Republicans could be completely destroyed. Done. Dustbin of history.
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    I am so upset with what the Republicans are doing to the people of the U.S. that, I have felt myself with tears in my eyes. HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO HEARTLESS AND CRUEL to their fellow Americans. Don't they have friends who are in the middle class that may lose their jobs? How do these people sleep at night? Why do they have to keep the people hanging by a thread hoping they won't lose there jobs of their children don't get a head start in life!
    I would go to a rally this weekend in Washington with signs to the Republicans and those not letting President Obama do his job. Do they really hate him that much that they would put people in such jeopardy?
    I went to rally against the Vietnam war years ago and would go now because something has to be done. Seems this is the one way the public can be heard.