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    To whom it may concern:

    There existed before the year 2000 an electrical generator delivering 5 KW VAC 60 HZ using heat to create this electricity. This generator, no larger than a briefcase was solid state, had no moving parts and weighed no more than 30 pounds. It was therefore, portable, made no noise and could use a multitude of fuels. The ones produced to demonstrate used propane or liquid natural gas, LNG. Both clean burning fuels. The propane used was from a Coleman canister, like those you'd find at a department store. This gave about 7-8 hours of continuous power. Costing not more than a few dollars.

    If you were to compare this to a standard gas burning generator, you'd understand the difference and they would be huge. No moving parts, nothing to lubricate or wear. No noise, ever heard a gas burning one operate? Gas burning, carbon monoxide. So, there's a world of difference. For a 3 KW generator, it would use one and a half gallons of gasoline in 6 hours.

    Imagine all the possibilities, all of the affected industries and those that would prosper with such a unit. Everyone of us would be affected in one way or the other. The export potential? One example of how we all could be affected, is an electrically powered car.

    In 1999, a car's engine was replaced by an electric motor, a gas tank by a propane tank along with generators in the trunk. An experiment absolutely, but with surprising results. The heavy sedan used, achieved over 700 mpg. This meant, with a 20 gallon tank, 14,000 miles could be achieved. That's close to one's yearly driving. At $5 a gallon for propane, that would be $100 for 20 gallons or $100 for one's annual fuel cost. What's more? There'd be no reason to stop for recharging since the generators are part of the car. The Chevy Volt is a good example of this type of application.

    During the process of demonstrating this new technology, private funds were used. As with many ventures, the lure of advancement soaked up the funds before marketability. However, the technology was sound and a patent secured.

    The gentleman involved in this major breakthrough is still alive and named in the patent. He has given me the information of the patent and support, to use that information, to Thermo Electric Generators Hawaii, LLC.

    Now, the reason for this outreach, everyday that goes by, I read about different global catastrophes. It sickens me to think, that we could be a part of the solution, rather than look on, unable to help.

    The reason we can't help now, is funding, not a lot of it, if compared to the millions used on other projects.
    With $10,000,000 and three years, we would be ready for a marketable unit. Four million in the first year, three the second and possibly, not even needing the third installment. What's more? Patents to protect our upgrades and a huge possibility of doubling our output. With the advancements in technology and machinery, it will be easier to produce and manufacture the pieces we need to upgrade.

    I sincerely urge all to help with this project. The possibilities are endless. It isn't the cure to our energy crisis, although we truly believe this will be the transitional piece, to get us to where we want to be with clean renewable energy sources like photo voltaic cells and wind energy.

    Please support us on this.


    L. Yee
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    It's my understanding that this type of innovation never gets off of the ground because of the massive power and influence of Gasoline companies.
    I hope that I am wrong. If there are profits to be made, there will always be funds invested. Your ideas sound great. Best of luck to you.
  • California
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    Dear Mr. Johnson:
    Thank you for your kind support. Sadly, you may be correct. There seems to be a force greater than I, that seems to be working against us. But we can't give up.
    A small Coleman canister could light up an area for almost 8 hours. Not to mention running small power tools, coffee makers, pumps and so forth.
    We believe with modifications, we could double the output. This would mean a normal three bedroom house would use roughly a gallon of propane. A months fuel cost would be $150 and better, if you had state and county laws that credited back unused power to the consumer, you'd probably be able to pay the entire fuel cost for the year and eventually pay for the unit and installation. It would actually pay back in a few years.
    Let's picture a product like this on the market. Who would it benefit?
    Since it's portable and light weight, 27 lbs., just about any place not connected to the grid would apply. We could turn arid areas into rich farmlands. By the way, I'm not talking about only places here in the US. Around the entire planet is what I'm talking about. Imagine the export potential. How many could we put to work?
    Imagine the change in design with regard to homes and commercial buildings. How we could retrofit old buildings? Turn combustion engine running cars to electric vehicles.
    How about the government? The military for one, would benefit extremely. Remote outposts would be able to supply its own power. Power to run computers, pumps, anything electrical.
    Space and Ocean exploration would also be impacted by such a unit. Because it uses a multitued of fuels, gases found in space could be used. Thus the need for sending up fuel to space stations and explorers would be a lesser concern. Understanding the Ocean, harvesting the ocean, could be done differently if such a generator existed.
    If we were to export these to lesser countries. Imagine the impact it would have, and the difference it would make on lives we depend on. Where ever they may be, consider the goodwill it would foster with these less fortunate areas.
    There are many old addages, but consider the one about feeding one for a day versus teaching them to feed themselves. What's the sense in sending food and water, when it's right there beneath them? Send them a generator and a pump. Send them a computer and seeds.
    The US can no longer be viewed as the ugly Americans. The world is much larger than us, 23 times in population. We can't bully them to be on our side and see things our way. We must extend ourselves as we would to our neighbors. A lost art here. Many here don't even know their own neighbors. I'm sorry I digress.
    The potential is awesome if such a generator existed. It did, and I need help bringing it back. This isn't a pie in the sky dream, this generator existed.
    Let people know. If we had just one celebrity or ten Doctors who needed to put their money to work for a good purpose, this is it.
    Send me your contact information. I'm sending this information to everyone I can touch. Whether it be Michael Bloomberg, Chris Christie, Gov. Cuomo, anyone with vision. Anyone who wants to leave this a better place than what we found.
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    I've thought for many years that, in the summer, stores and public places, restaurants, movies, etc., should make things warmer so we don't freeze in the summer, and cool things down in winter, so we aren't so hot, that we have to take coats, sweaters, etc. off when in these places.
    Not sure this post belongs here but, I felt I had to put it somewhere. Maybe this could possibly save some energy.
  • California
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    The idea here is how we create usable energy. If we could create energy for less and share this ability, the impact would change how we do things. At present, everyone needing electricity is tied to the grid. Well not everyone, since the nvention of the Bloom Box, a bunch of forward moving companies have bought into it and are off the grid.
    If, energy was inexpensive, it wouldn't matter if people used their airconditioners in the summer or heaters in the winter. It's really just a matter of cost.
    I live in California now. Using present county and state laws, I calculated what the effects would be if our generator existed. Presently, PG&E will credits 12 cents for every KW hour supplied to the grid. At that rate, PG&E would owe you $5,000 after twelve months. Your fuel cost for the year would be $1,500. You would therefore net, $3,500. This would pay for the two generators in a couple of years. Thereafter, you would have a positive of $3,500 per year for the production of extra power.
    Compare that to Solar Cells, which in many cases pays back within 7-8 years, with no huge positive after. That's a huge difference. And how many panels would you need to run a water pump? What would it cost to light a village in some third world country?
    Don't get me wrong, I truly believe in renewable sources, that's why I believe the TEG to be the transitional piece, not the cure. We need to advance solar voltaic cells and the ability to store energy as well, of which we are doing now.
  • California
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    There isn't much written on the generator for obvious reasons. Luckily, a web site does exist without our bias. The site is Pure Energy Systems. and specifically Please scroll down to TEG 5000. There you'll see an experimental piece that ran on propane. Read the corroboration.

    Please pass this on.

    L. Yee