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Rachel Maddow: Hubris - Selling the Iraq War

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    Dutch about those gun giveaways: If somebody told me that guns were being raffled off by a youth sports league and a states Association of Chiefs of Police I would have guessed that those would have happened in the south.

    But North Dakota and New Hampshire! Just shows that there are crazy people and crazy organizations in ALL states.
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    Thank You "bewarebias" -- for your very interesting post. It is amazing how some average people can actually know MUCH MORE than all the paid officials in Wash, DC. So never be afraid to tell someone if you know something important. That is how democracy is supposed to work. We the People are supposed to be the Govt, and we are to "help" make the decisions. And to Choose the Leaders who will follow through.

    However, as you must know, we are on the brink of losing this great "Experiment" in self-government. With the Republicans doing all they possibly can to destroy this democracy --- We can Wave Goodbye to Freedom & Wave HELLO to Fascism, much like in Nazi Germany. Like in your situation, I could see this coming a long time ago. I started trying to warn people in about 2003, and yet it was too early, for people to see the handwriting on the wall.

    There are still many who are blind-folded, or afraid to admit what is actually going on. The ugliness, stupidity, & craziness of the Tea Party movement is just a clown facade, they put on, to cover up the very face of Treason. While everybody is laughing at their blunders, nobody is realizing how far our govt has gone down the road to incapacity, to bankruptcy, & to DEFEAT. We are (as they say) a Paper Tiger. NOW with one arm tied behind our back, by the Republican traitors in our midst, we have to do a Houdini maneuver to extricate ourselves from the ropes, before it is too late. The GOP's objective is to make us so weak, we have no choice except to submit to a Dictatorship by the 1%. Rulership by the crooked corporations. It does not
    matter if we WIN the elections or not. That is why the entire Romney, Gingrich, & Fox News bunch are acting like THEY won the election, because our WIN did not make them cooperate with us, follow our agenda, try to improve the Economy, or stop waging wars. They STILL do exactly what they want to do, which is unConstitutional. But they don't care, as they NEVER DID respect our Constitution. They are unAmerican, they are traitors in our midst, & they hope WE ALL FAIL, that AMERICA FAILS, so they can go ahead with their plot to install pure Fascism. And fascism is best exemplified by the Nazi's & the Communists. Totalitarian regimes that have an absolute dictatorship, with total control over the People. Fascism emphasizes direct action, including supporting the legitimacy of political violence. (Hmmm -- like Sara Palin talking about 2nd Amendment remedies? And the Tea Party crowd running to political rallies, carrying a lot of guns?) Well, at least it won't be Boring.
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    If I was a parent of a dead child from the Iraq war or a soldier who lost a leg or his mind, I would be so incredibly mad at the Bush administration, for this hoax. Did my child have to die so you could make up a war that shouldn't have ever started in the first place?
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    "eternalflame/groupg" I'm amazed that there are people like you, who think farther than most of the people here. In general as has been shown over and over again if you dare to say anything about our wars, the waste of life's, and all the other consequences, then you are immediately called as being un-American and a traitor. That is why I'm so amazed that those US parents then stand at the graveyard with a smile on their face, while they receive a cheap piece of metal as a reward for their sons life. I give you an example; my Dad got killed by the Nazi's in WWII, my mother got a medal from the Queen, she died as well from TB; then after the war the Dutch government kind of sqandered all our property and bussiness.
    So medals mean nothing at all; you do not get your family back. Therefore I absolutely do not understand the whole "militaristic" attitude here.
    Do not touch that or the church they are holy; we are keeping this country safe; sure! Sorry to say they keep this country "unsafe" with all the continuous meddling in other countries, which will certainly backfire some day. Again the excuse for using drones; yes that keeps "boots" of the ground; however they forget that if they keep doing that, that eventually this will lead to new wars, because we are provoking this by our actions.