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Iowa Sets the Example

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    As per the "State-BY-State" news in today's USA Today, Iowa shows how it's best to proceed. I'm sure they are not the only ones to do so, or to at least have executed a viable attempt for the implementation of the HealthCare Initiative soon coming into full force, but for those that have not, or those who have already blatantly said NO, Iowa, my home state, says it correctly. I quote, "Iowa Des Moines: The state insurance commissioner has submitted paperwork outlining information about the upcoming state-federal health insurance partnership. The state will retain management control, including regulating insurance plans, determining eligibility for Medicaid and children's health insurance programs (CHIPS)." My current state, as well as most other states with Republican Governors, should read this and take the hint. President Obama is willing to work with each state, not to change the mandate, but to make the law conform more easily to each state's circumstances and population. What more could they ask for? And on top of this, the Federal Government is paying 100% of the costs for at least the first few years, and then a diminishing level year by year to what I believe has been stated as the low point of 95%. This is a GIFT to Americans, and just think, Republican Governors are refusing this gift and denying how many of their poor and disabled constituents what those same folks in other states are getting for free? If the truth were known, I almost bet that President Obama will find a way to extend this coverage to even those residents, given time and possibly the election of Democratic Governors down the road.