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Rubio's trip to Jordan and Israel

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    Saw on the news that this "thirsty" guy is traveling, likely on our cost to Jordan and Israel. It was said he is going there to educate/inform himself of the situation there. Thus in other words is n't it cheaper to ask this Mr Kerry who should be the right person to ask right now? I'm getting the feeling however that this is just a trip to get his face in the news and will help to boost his ego and Repub support for the land grabbers. Obama has not even been there; let alone Hagel (kidding).
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    I think Rubio is doing what every politician, Republican and Democrat, have done...visiting Israel to affirm their "unshakable commitment to Israel's security." Those are the then Senator Obama's words when he visited Israel in July 2008 as a candidate for the Democratic nomination and at the time was trailing Hillary Clinton in the polls amongst Jewish-American voters.

    As per the Guardian, during his trip, Senator Obama also visited Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank, where he met the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, and his prime minister, Salam Fayyad. He also flew by helicopter to the southern town of Sderot where he met with Tzipi Livni, the Israeli foreign minister, and Ehud Barak, the defence minister. He was given a tour that included visiting a house damaged by rocket fire and met an Israeli boy who lost a leg in another missile attack. He also added the obligatory visit to the Western Wall, the Jewish holy site inside the Old City in East Jerusalem.

    The candidate Obama scored good political points on that visit, and it probably helped him to win the nomination and the presidency. Senator Marco Rubio has no doubt looked at what Obama accomplished on that visit and will try to replicate it.
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    Hey Schmidt, you said "Senator Marco Rubio has no doubt looked at what Obama accomplished on that visit and will try to replicate it." The key word here is "TRY", but we all know how futile that will be. To prove my point, please remember how much of a disgrace Rubio was for the Repubs and Tea Party when he gave the rebuttal to Obama's "state of the union" speech. It was pathetic, as he even chided our President for things that were not even in the President's speech. Talk about his inability as a public speaker, (he obviously had to write his speech or have it written for him), well before the President ever stepped to the podium. And it was also obvious that he was only reading the words, because any sane person that thinks while he is speaking would have to see the flaws in his words, but NOT Mario. He just blabbed the words as they were written, never even "thinking" about what he was actually saying. Is this the type and style of a candidate the Republican Party wants to run against the next Democratic candidate? I sure hope so, as it will spell instant defeat.
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    "schmidt" thanks, I meant related to the Obama visit; they said not during his presidency. But anyway since the Hagel nomination is not yet ratified, this guy probably tries to bring back arguments to support Israel even more than we do; contrary to what Hagel said in the past. I fully agree with Hagel. We should treat the whole of the middle east as objective as as can be without obvious preferences; the way we go about Israel right now is just about if we own it or it is our state,which of course irritates the hell out of the surrounding muslim countries. We close our eyes to the land grabbing and settlements; we tolerate the confinement of Palestine people in very small area's etc. So guess who the religeous right is supporting.
    Especially with the middle east in its present turmoil, the "eyes" are a bit closed right now on what the Israelish are doing, but as soon as the middle east gets more stabilized, then it will be back to the old rivals fighting again and more turmoil can be expected.