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Out steps John Kerry, In steps Mo Cowan (for a bit anways)

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    John Kerry left his MA senate seat for the higher ground of United States Secretary of State. In his absense, Mo Cowan has been appointed to take his seat. But, only until June 25th of 2013. So, he only gets to serve for about 4 months. That kinda sucks for Mr. Cowan. His stint will be so short; seems like a nice enough guy. And, it looks almost a certainty that the GOP won't nominate him for the actual election in June.

    On another note, appointing Cowan to the senate makes it the first time that 2 African Americans are holding a senate seat at the same time, if only for a few months. Then, it looks like we will get another old, white guy in there to officially replace Kerry. Not that I really care of the race of a Mass. senator. It's just that African Americans make up roughly 13% of our population. Having only one in the senate (out of 100) is not very representative. Just my 2 cents there..