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Sequestration could uniquely effect Hawaii

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    If the government can't ultimately decide on appropriate budget cuts for the nation, automatic, across-the-board cuts will go into place, known as 'sequestration'. Large budget cuts will automatically come out of both the right and the left's favorite categories, the military and entitlements.

    So, in steps Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono to chime in on the subject, letting everyone know that cutting the military budget with such broad strokes will have a direct and immediate impact on her state's economy.

    "If Congress doesn’t approve a plan to slash spending by March 1st, the cuts would mean thousands of Department of Defense civilian employees being furloughed as well as Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers being laid off, which could impact tourism in Hawaii. Clearly, this is not the way to go,” Hirono said during a conference call with Hawaii media.

    I'm sure there are countless direct and indirect ways that this sequestration fall-back plan will harm state economies. Interesting to consider the impact from such a real way.. especially when most of the clatter you hear from Washington and the news networks is so rhetorical and broad-based sounding.