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Jodi Arias Trial

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    This discussion is out of topic in the Political Spectrum. I am not aware if this is acceptable in this Forum
    I do not know if anyone is even familiar with this Crime Scene Investigation which is now on trial.
    I just happen to stumble on this news at the Huffington Post and would like to expand everybody's view on the matter.

    I was butting heads with everyone on this scenario and here is my final say on the matter:

    Whether all what I read is true or not....the child, Jodi Ann do deserve the death penalty. Her act itself (the killing of Travis) is horendous. I don't feel sorry for her as you think I am, just that when something like this happens, I think of a child growing up. What was it that made this young lady kill...and the way she killed Travis is beyond cruelty...very CRUEL. I love children, and I love to teach them how to love themselves as well as others. Like I said in my previous reply to someone here, I have two girls (one is now a lawyer and the other a Software Engineer) and we had fun bringing them up. We, (and the rest of our entire family) miss those days because now they have their own lives and the role has reversed. They are now like the parent and we are the children. (smile) And as much as they listened to us when they were kids, we MUST do as well. I hope I made myself clear to you and for the others.
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    Both during and after my reading of this post, I DO agree with you Sabrina that this young woman should in fact be punished for her actions. I mean someone who would stab another 27 times and then slash their throat, was certainly over-the-top with rage and out of control. And she said she was only defending herself! If he attacked her first, as she testified, she did have the right to defend against that attack, but since when was a throat-slashing from ear to ear considered defense? Considering her age (32), I think life W/O parole would be a more fitting punishment. It would give her oodles of time to think about the horrendous act she committed, and she would be living without her child.
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    Gee Michaels, you're about the only one who endeavored to read this crime. Everyone was getting on my case thinking that I pity Jodi Ann and that I am defending her. I read so many replies to this trial and I read the entire story of the crime....though indeed that the situation of the girl is pitiful I took into consideration how she murdered Travis, her lover. I was sure that she shoot him first with the gun and stabbed him 27 times and then slit his throat in intense anger. That is barbaric. There is a legal term (I just could not remember what the term was) when someone intend to kill with a gun and kill him over again (stabbing) or vice versa, that is a crime which carries death penalty automatically, if the state has one. I can emphatize with Jodi Ann, whatever she went through. But this young lady will get what she deserve.
    Reading through the case of Jodi Ann Arias it is a sad story of a young girl with so much potential but was misdirected and misguided. When kids grow up to reach the threshold of adulthood, it is my belief that a child who was nurtured in love and disciplined out of love, grows up to be loving themselves with dignity & appreciation of their own. I have two girls (the oldest is a lawyer the young one a Software Engineer) both grew up successfully in their own rights...respected, very loving, BUT ferrocious when you step on their toes. Jodi grew up with none but self pity, revengeful inside, very low self esteem easily swayed by others and victim of her own desire and lack thereof. Then you wonder when this young girl commit a heinous crime, you're speechless like I am right now. Jodi is highly aware she was sexually used & abused by a lover, she could not feel love but the affection she felt for Travis was ambivalent. She love the man (so she thought) but hated him more. As a child she does not know love She has raged inside but tried to control it the best way she knows how. She most likely will get the death penalty and that is the most unfortunate ending for a young girl who have had enough of herself and of others. The hate for herself and others was hell bent on Travis. Someone need to write a story book on the life of Jodi Ann Arias. I would like to read them in full details...not hear them in court.
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    Hey Sabrina, in reading your reply, I am at the point of wondering if MY statement about giving Jodi life W/O parole would be too harsh. MAYBE, just maybe, at least in this case, law enforcement needs to go back to the root of the problem. I now feel like maybe this root lies with Jodi's parents and the way they raised her. Our laws don't allow for this type of prosecution I don't think. I mean, where would it all end? Maybe Jodi's parents were abused as well. Does this mean that Jodi and her parents should be let go, and law enforcement would have to try and prosecute Jodi's grandparents? This is opening a can of worms, and I guess there's no point in going any further.
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    This was my point in the blog before....which everyone jumped on me. No matter what the abuse Jodi Ann has taken from the parents, or her lover, she has freedom of choice. To rectify the wrong on her own and lead a better rewarding life, or choose to wallow in her past & present miseries? She chose the latter. Her criminal act (how she killed/murder Travis) is beyond compassion. So why do you feel, life in prison will justify her action? Why, because you are being compassionate...Jodi Ann does not have that. She was brutal. My point in her case before was, this is a child who only knows what abuse is, felt no love, no proper guidance and direction, not being accepted by her peers or the people around her, crying out for affection she could not find, and choose to accept her lot in life, like it's customary, and this is all she knew. And we are to be blame for all these? Professional help is something she could not afford so she choose what she thought is right by her. Her entire life was hell bent on Travis, the anger and rage, shows it all the way she murdered Travis. Her lawyers are trying to save her from death penalty, i doubt if they can.
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    If they cannot save her from the death penalty, then I guess our justice system has spoken. Maybe the string of violence can be stopped here with this action by the state, but I still say it might continue because of the effect the state cannot remove, on her daughter and parents.