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Do you trust YOUR party?

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    I honestly don't understand how anyone can. Neither party gives a rats arse about you. They care about obtaining, keeping power and getting rich. Why else would congress have voted themselves a high six figure salary, free vacations, a gold plated healthcare plan and a retirement package suited for royalty? They did that for themselves (me first) and left us with the scraps. They have no problem bankrupting our "entitlements" yet they insist that theirs stay fully funded. Untouchable. If given the choice between solving the major issues of the time or scoring points against the other party, they will go for the points. Everytime. They treat it like a football game. Everybody can't win. There must be a loser. Win at all costs. Meanwhile, you get screwed.

    I can't for the life of me understand why ANYBODY would want to give these jackasses anymore power than they already have. If anything they need less authority over our lives. Far less. And I include the President, state and local governments as well. The incompetence, mis-management, greed and contempt for your personal space and freedom is EVERYWHERE. It's time to show them who is boss.