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Tennessee Politician, Marsha Blackburn

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    Today I listened to Ms. Blackburn on MSNBC and I must ask the question. Why is she allowed on the show? I know her answers before she speaks. The answer is "no" to everything the President advocates. She reminds me of Michele Bachmann ... who I have not seen lately....Thank God. Marsha never fully answers the question...she always makes comments about "the people she speaks to". I would love to meet these wonderful people who believe we should not have preschool education; we should not raise the minimum wage. After all good old Marsha was happy when she received $2.60 an hour because it taught her so much. What drivel. I did not realize you had to be so stupid to become a Congresswoman. I know people from Tennessee they all can't be this naive.
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    Kathy you don't have to be so stupid to become a Congresswoman, you just have to sell out. Most or all members of Congress have sold out to special interests, or the rich, or the large corporations...whoever gets to them first with the most money. Some of them are decent well meaning people when elected but the system quickly changes them.