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Gun control, In a democracy there are two sides.

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    Redding, CA
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    On the opening page to this site there is a prominent banner "Stop Gun Violence Now". Interesting because I came here to STOP just that, not the violence just the lame gun control. Lets be fair about this. The ignorant people that think they are doing anything meaningful to curb gun violence by the few by jumping all over the many who had nothing to do with the issues need to be put in their place. What part of “Criminals do not abide by the law” don’t you understand. What is criminal is ill informed government making rash, extreme decisions without the people it will ultimately affect being allowed to vote on it! I know it’s all about painting a rosy picture so they get re-elected but guess what, Any government representative that jumps on this bandwagon will never get my vote again.
    I have been robbed many times over the years and now sleep with a loaded gun. This is the way it works, you will be lucky if you have anything more than 3 seconds to get the upper hand. If your gun has a lock on it you're dead. If your gun is in a safe you’re dead. If it is not loaded you're dead. My neighbor was robbed by 4 people all armed, so now we both have what you uniformed people refer to as high capacity magazines. They are the equivalent of a big gas tank for your car. You would not get far on 10 gallons of gas so we have clips along the same line as the gallons of gas in our vehicles, 30. I hope that I never need to use even one bullet but by god if the SHTF I will have all the bullets "I" feel necessary, not you! Let's say "Entering my castle uninvited would not be advised". Interestingly enough, our police chief suggested we have and know how to use a gun. Response times are the highest they have ever been and with all the people released from prison here in California things are not looking good. Every day there is a story of another parolee that has been arrested multiple times within a month for the same crime and they keep letting them go due to budget cuts. So if you have a beef with law abiding citizens having guns move to another country. I would like to see a national “Stand Your Ground” law to further back up the second amendment.
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    Durham, NH
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    Gun Troll at 12o'clock - look out incoming BS!
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    "PGR" right; another lost soul in gun la la land; I'm affraid he will be in the paper one day as another statistic.!!!