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FreedomWorks and Panda Sex

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    It was reported today that Adam Brandon, the Executive Vice President at FreedomWorks, participated in a short film this past summer that involved a Panda Bear giving then Secretary of State Clinton oral sex. An intern wearing a Hillary Clinton mask was seen sitting down while another intern in a Panda Bear suit was on her knees insinuating giving the Secretary oral sex. The video was supposed to be shown during a major conference that FreedomWorks hosted that included the likes of Glenn Beck and Senator Mike Lee, but was scrapped after some in the organization raised objections.

    I can't help but wonder what the reaction from our beloved Fox News and other Right Wing media outlets would be if the roles were reversed and a Democratic aligned SuperPAC produced a similar movie with Secretary Rice or any other female in President Bush's cabinet. The double standard that is set forth in our media is absurd. If this was the other way around, Fox News would have an absolute conniption fit about how a group is denigrating a Secretary in the President's Cabinet. The funniest part of all is that these kind of stunts are so commonplace with Republicans and their aligned groups now that it is now a sense of business as usual.

    Thoughts on the double standard that the Right Wing groups in America get to live by?
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    The difference is we are human and thus were born with a sense of humor. But if one us had done it we have used an elephant. Captioned with "Who'da thunk it! Nose is better than head."