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Albert Einstein Letters To Corliss Lamont To Sell At Auction

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    Four previously undiscovered letters written by Albert Einstein are to be sold at auction, after being found at a yard sale. Albert Einstein wrote the letters, said to be a "unique collection", to socialist philosopher Corliss Lamont, who was accused by Senator Joseph McCarthy of being "un-American" for his suggestions that the US should maintain a relationship with the Soviet Union.

    Adrian Roose, from the auctioneers, said: "It's a unique collection. McCarthy once labelled Einstein an 'enemy of America'. "Einstein risked his reputation in order to stand up for his political beliefs."

    This is pretty interesting. I'm not posting this to muck rack Einstein's name in the conversation of 'was he actually a socialist, enemy of the nation, etc'. Not by a long shot. More simply, I just think it's interesting finding out things about important historical figures after they have passed, especially someone who was so controversial, insightful, brilliant, and culturally important in more ways than just one.

    Here's the article, displaying some of the actual letters':