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The Kansas-Nebraska Act And America's Sprint to a Civil War

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    President Franklin Pierce is widely looked at as the wrong person to lead America at exactly the wrong time. As tensions continued to rise in the early 1850's, President Pierce seemed to make every possible wrong decision that he could have. From the Gadsden Purchase, which opened yet another rift in the Slave-Free state issue to the widely panned Kansas-Nebraska Act, which basically cemented America's march to a Civil War a few years later. The act repealed the Missouri Compromise and allowed states to choose if they were going to allow slavery in their territories. It only galvanized the Northern states to rid slavery once and for all, and galvanized the Southern states to expand slavery to every territory possible. It also caused massive riots and a small-scale Civil War within the territory of Kansas, which ended up being a precursor of the horror to come. If there is any President that had a possibility to change things and squandered that possibility, President Pierce might top that list.