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Rubio and the (Typical) Republican Response

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    Senator Rubio took the opportunity to deliver the Republican response to the State of the Union speech tonight by recycling policies that were pushed by Romney and the Republicans all throughout 2012 and rejected by the American people in November. I can't say that I'm surprised with Senator Rubio's response. Actually, I'm quite happy that the Republicans are sticking to this hard line. It shows the American people that the Republicans have no desire to actually govern, but be thorn in the Presidents side. I can only hope that the American people won't put up with it anymore and force the Republicans to finally deal with our President and the US Senate.
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    I watched every minute of Obama's speech on streaming video so that I could watch the supporting slide presentations that went with it.
    My wife and I felt that it was a fine speech.

    However, I didn't feel it was worth my while to watch either Marc Rubio or Rand Paul.

    This morning, the link below confirmed that you were dead on in your assessment of Rubio's speech:

    Few people are wackier than Rand Paul (and that list would include Wayne LaPierre and Michelle Bachmann) but (much to my surprise), at least
    SOME of his comments made sense. Like most Republicans, though, he fails to understand the effect that drastic spending cuts (the sequester) will have on our economy"

    Sarah Palin's tweets DURING the President's speech also illustrate why she shouldn't be allowed to leave Arizona.
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    Rubio could have saved time and just whistled Dixie. We would have understood that far better. Right?
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    There were so many lies and misrepresentations in the Paul and Rubio speeches, I don't know where to begin. For every 1 minute they talk, you have to spend 5 minutes debunking their nonsense. Pretty clear to me that Republicans are not the party of "capitalism," but the party of something far worse, "feudalism."