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America's Most Corrupt President

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    America has seen her fair share of corrupt Presidents, but our 29th President may top the list. Although President Warren G Harding lasted less than two years in office, he managed to find himself in multiple scandals that may have taken down his Presidency if he hadn't suddenly died while visiting the Western states. President's are not above the law, but Mr. Harding sure thought that he would test that issue to the limit.

    President's are notorious for giving friends of theirs positions in their administrations, but President Harding went above and beyond what any President had done before and arguably ever since. It is one thing to give friends jobs in an administration, especially ones that are highly qualified for those jobs, but Mr. Harding put friends in jobs strictly because they were friends of his. Does that sound familiar to a President that we had not too long ago? From lesser known things like scandal ridden Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty leading the Justice Department to the Teapot Dome Scandal, to Charles Forbes of the Veterans Affairs Department accepting numerous bribes, this administration might top the list of America's most corrupt President. If Mr. Harding doesn't top this list, then who does?