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GOP to label Obama agenda 'big government'

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    GOP to label Obama agenda 'big government'
    I may have been around longer than many of you and I do not consider “Big Government” as a cure-all for all the ills of the Nation. There are things which should be handled on a National level. In 1952 at the age of 16 I drove 2/3 of the way across the United States and although I didn’t break any Massachusetts driving laws I did manage to collect 3 traffic tickets. We had 48 sets of laws for driving, and we had states who used would apply some really stupid laws just so the local JP could hit you up for a $20.00 ticket and a $25.00 court fee. (I still don’t believe these were ever entered in the books.) In Texas I was stopped for making a left turn into a restaurant parking lot crossing over a solid road marker, with the previous event taking place in GA. Slowly the rules of the road were changed with few differences in rules and regulations.
    Now some states are trying to balance their budgets by selecting out-of-staters for citations. I was singled out in PA last year from the group of traffic I was traveling in because of NH plates. I was informed I was speeding, which I admitted but was not given a ticket for speeding. This was on a Sunday and the ticket, I was told would not go on my record or have any effect on insurance rates. Not heeding a construction zone sign. As soon as the State Police Officer started talking I knew this was move to help balance the budget. I’m sure that not long after he had finished with me another out-of-stater would be pulled over. When these types of things occur it is a sign that things are not what they should be.
    We are being told that all of our problems are caused by “Big Government” and to an extent I agree with that 100%. Some things are better handled on a National level but it would be a good idea of handling them on a National level efficiently.
    How many intelligence gathering agencies does it take to gather information? How many do we have? We now have a newer one, “Home Land Security” an Agency that lumps together many, not all, of the agencies charged with performing the same task. Experience has shown us that some of these agencies do not play well with the others. Combining several of these into one would really make a lot of sense and save a lot of money. Our government is not able to take a problem, analysis it and determine the cause to find a solution. It usually reacts to a situation by forming a new agency without knowing the reason for the problem.
    Nation Health a subject that brings out the best and worst in people. I have the following doctors for the following:
    Primary Care
    Vascular Surgery
    Oncology and Hematology
    Seeing most twice a year usually requires 12 sets of fasting labs. Why can’t I have fasting labs twice? All of the Drs. are associated with the same hospital. It is not unusual for me to walk into the lab with 4 sheets and have them done at the same. I have no idea if Medicare is paying for all 4 or 1. I’m sorry, I do have an idea it’s that I don’t like the answer.
    Education should have a national standard. Education should not be taught in any language other than English. Bi-lingual should not be ongoing and should be limited to a set length of time and focus on making English the primary language.
    I’m not usually politically correct. They are undocumented; but they are also illegal aliens. I still refer to a group as illegal aliens. Am I prejudges, No. A nephew had moved to a border town, in Mexico, because of work and later moved to San Antonio. I sent him an Email saying I’m glad they let him back into the country. He was born in CA. The people I see making the most noise about the immigration problem may be the same ones that created it.
    When I lived in San Antonio I always knew it was Friday when I saw the busses heading from the construction sites to the border. When a builder was making a lot of money he had no problem hiring illegals at a low price to build homes; but when the market died he wanted to make sure it didn’t cost him anything to have the “wet backs” around. The same happened with domestic help. Should this group be provided with a way to become legal, the answer is YES.
    How many agencies do we need to control transportation? Do we really need separate agencies for each type of transportation or would one with specialized departments be more efficient?
    The last sentence provides the answer. Instead of forming a new agency every time something happens why don’t we consider using existing ones to perform the new tasks?
    Inspectors should be held responsible for the quality of the inspection. Proper inspections and the enforcement of regulations could have prevented the Gulf Oil Spill. Corners were cut in an attempt to save money and inspectors did not do their jobs.
    Big Government can be efficient and it can provide a consistency which is needed for health, safety and the enforcement of laws.
    We know we can’t rely on business to maintain an acceptable level of honesty and ethics.
    We should demand that of the government also.