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The General Who Was Able to Save the Union

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    President Grant can arguably be credited with saving the union in the throws of a great Civil War. President Lincoln had been let down by General after General throughout the War until General Grant came around and finally turned the tide of that terrible war. He was ruthless and unafraid to do whatever it took to keep the union from breaking apart forever. On April 9, 1865 Lee surrendered his Army to General Grant and the Civil War, the war that killed 620,000 Americans, was finally over.

    After a short break, General Grant was in the height of the political world and was a shoe in for the Presidency when he ran in 1868. No other person was as revered in the nation as him and no general would ever be nearly as popular in America until Dwight Eisenhower came back from World War II to a heroes welcome. President Grant was a major player in readmitting the last remaining confederate states of Virginia, Mississippi, Texas, and Georgia back into the Union. The Union, however fragile, was finally back together once and for all.